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Alex Smith. They seem to have built more of a team around him, and he has a nice LT to help.

Anthony Gonzo - Indys new brandon Stokley?

Miami D?

Jerry Porter/Ronaly Curry - could benefit from Moss leaving and a high powered QB in the mix.

DJ Hackett - coulod emerge as #2 wr with D-jax leaving and burleson not stepping up.

Tony Sheffler- denvers "#2" TE, but Cutler showed that he favored sheffler and put some decent numbers up once Cutler was the man.

how about some high potential backup rbs

- Betts Portis goes down

- Mornecy

- Droughns

- Turner - LT's handcuff may be gone by now tho.

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Lendale White- Probably the front runner for the Titans backfield. Could put up respectable numbers.

Dominic Rhodes- I have a hard time believing that a guy good enough for a 50/50 split on the Superbowl Champions won't get carries for the lowly raiders. Look for him after his early suspension.

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Kolby Smith, RB - Chiefs: started at Louisville last year when Bush broke his leg and averaged 5+ ypc. he should win the backup spot to LJ, and with how much they use him, Smith's a blown gasket away from many carries. i like him more in keeper leagues.

Eric Moulds, WR - Titans: he could be a nice security blanket for VY; he caught nearly every thing thrown his way last year. i don't know how good the Titans offense will be, but he could put up enough numbers to be worth a late-round flier.

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i've been a Stovall fan since he started ND. i picked him up late last year, hoping he'd have some carry over value in my keeper league (maybe get a mid-round pick for him).

i haven't heard anything about TB other than the QB situation so far, so i have no idea where he really stands on the depth chart. if he starts though, expect some nice numbers from him as a deep threat. he'll get red zone looks and jump balls...could be a nice, cheap source of TD's.

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Devin Hester.. Should be somewhat of an upgrade over the other WR's Chicago has. With Grossman there though, not much! lol.. B)

Not at all, Berrian was finally healthy and had some what of a break out year, Moose was healthy and his typical solid self but a little low on the TDs, Davies had a great year for us as pick up out of the AFL and should be contending with Bradley (05 2nd round pick) for the 3rd spot who is finally healthy. Hester will be nothing but a decoy and used for reverses and other trick plays.

Real quick on Grossman, Turner has watched every single one of his pro snaps and they are going to use him out of the shot gun more based on what they saw on his footwork. This should lead to him throwing less of the back foot, with leads to over throwing the WR, which leads to INTs. Looks for a much improved Grossman as they have worked with him almost since the SB was over till now and they have changed him up quite a bit.

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How about Wes Welker, WR - NE.

He is taking over the slot position that Troy Brown used to man....Brady's last 1,000 yd. receiver was Troy Brown out of the slot position...Welker has sure hands and likes to run short routes underneath that Brady seems to thrive on...

I'm predicting 50-60 receptions, 5-6 TDs, 800 yds.

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