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For all of you who are enjoying RW-based leagues, we hope you are enjoying the experience.

Many of the leagues here will attempt to seek members, and they are welcome to using the League Finder Service Forums that Rotoworld Forums offers. Please do not use this Forum as a means of recruiting - that should be reserved for the League Finder Service Forums for the appropriate fantasy sport.

As a reminder, keep in mind the policy as laid out in the Code of Conduct, specifically this section:

League Finder Service Forum Use

Rotoworld Forums provides a League Finder Service Forum as a means to facilitate league formation between fantasy sports enthusiasts. As many of the leagues will involve monetary prizes, and it involves online members, disputes can and do occur in a small minority of situations. In order to ensure that the League Finder Service meets the needs of the community, the following policy on League Finder Service Forum use by RW Forum members is now in place:

1. Caveat Emptor: Rotoworld Forums does not police individual leagues formed through our League Finder forums. People who join leagues as a result of Rotoworld Forums League Finder Service Forums do so at their own risk. Rotoworld.com is not associated with and makes no guarantees regarding any of the leagues advertised through the League Finder forums. The resolution of any and all disputes that arise between members of a fantasy league is the responsibility of the members of the league and not Rotoworld.

2. If there is a clear and consistent history of league abuse by a Rotoworld member acting as Commissioner, these members may be restricted from using the Rotoworld Forums. League abuse includes, but is not limited to, failure of prize payout, unilateral expulsion of teams, or unilateral roster management (locking out/drops). We expect all leagues formed through the Rotoworld Forums League Finder will treat all members with the the high standards of personal conduct expected of all members of civility and respect to be maintained between members. Flagrant violations of this principle, if demonstrated to be consistent and repeated, will prevent members from enjoying the privilege of League Finder Service Forum access - as all aspects of membership are a privilege granted by Rotoworld Forums, not a right.

3. Members who wish to bring up a complaint of potential commissioner abuse by a fellow Rotoworld member may do so by reporting the original thread used to find members, or by PM to a Moderator - but only if the League Finder service was used here. Public complaints are NOT allowed - please use the Report feature on the original thread, or PM to a Moderator.

If a league dispute arises from a league in which there has been no use of the League Finder Service Forums, then no action can be taken, unless a prior history of league abuse is present.

4. In leagues where lack of payout, team/roster lockout or roster management does not occur, no action will be taken. In other words, if this is a personal dispute about values, or trades made, Rotoworld Forums will take no action - judgment calls in these areas do not fall within the scope of these rules.

5. Members are not permitted to use the League Finder Services Forums as a means of financial gain. This includes, but is not limited to, acting as a broker for league finder services, or advertising leagues without personal active participation for the leagues in question.

6. Members may appeal by PM the decision made by Rotoworld Forums to a Moderator - as they will be informed of any decision to suspend League Finder Forum access. However, final decisions on restricted access to League Finder Services will be made by the Rotoworld Forums. Failure to comply with restricted access rulings constitute further CoC violations and will be treated accordingly.

Keep the above in mind, and best of luck finding your league/teams!

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