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New NBA Dynasty League seeks 6 more Owners!

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Brief Overview of league:

The will consist of 30 teams, with the NBA names and NBA Players. Each team will fill a roster of players just like they do in NBA. Our General Managers will have total control of the their team, which means in drafting rookies, trading, releasing, and signing players to field the best fantasy roster they possibly can.

Once the Regular Season begins we run a fantasy League with these rosters on the NBA Ultimate Fantasy Commisioner website(links to be sent out yearly).

Our teams will compete in 9 categories for 20 weeks in the regualr season.

Each week, the team that wins the most categories will receive a win...the team that loses the most will be awarded a loss.

The Playoffs will consist of 4 weeks and are detailed below.

Scoring Categories:

Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, Three Points Made, Field Goal % and Free throw %.


The playoffs will be run EXACTLY like the Real NBA.

8 teams per conference will make the playoffs.

Tie-breaks to make the playoffs will be:

1. head to head

2. total categories won for the reg. Season

3. division record

4. least categories lost

5. Division record.

The 1 seeds will face the 8 seeds....the 2 seeds will face the 7 seeds....the 3 seeds will face the 6 seeds....the 4 seeds will face the 5 seeds.

There are no brackets.

After each round the highest remaining seeds will face the lowest remaining seeds.

Playoffs last 4 weeks.

Pacific Division:

Sacramento Kings

Southwest Division:

San Antonio Spurs

Atlantic Division:

New Jersey Nets

Central Division:

Indiana Pacers

Milwaukee Bucks

Southeast Division:

Washington Wizards

only 6 left.

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