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New York City $$ league seeks 3 more owners


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I have three openings, maybe four to fill out a 17 team fantasy basketball hoops league. The league fee is $550 per team. The auction is an in person, live auction so you will see/meet the other league members. The auction is based out of NYC/Riverdale, the wealthiest section of the Bronx, ten minutes up the west side highway or 5 minutes from the GWB. You're more than welcome to meet me, the commissioner, at my house before the auction so that you see this isn't some scam.

I run a great league. Ten Catergories, non keeper, roto style. It's an auction, not a draft. I have auction bids players went for in my league from last season to better assimilate you to our league format. Top 4 prizes are 3k for 1st, 2.5k for 2nd, 1.5k for 3rd, 1k for 4th. Teams that finish 5-8 receive a $200 rebate. 2 Centers, 3 forwards, 3 guards, 2 utilities and a 3 man bench.

The ten catergories are FG Made, FG%, Assist, Assit to Turnover ratio, Steals, 3's made, Blocks, Free Throws made, Points, and rebounds.

Most of the guys in the league are white collar types, in their 40's, who live in Westchester, Bergen counties as well as the five boroughs. If you're in Sales it's a nice way to network as we have many exec types and an ESPN Insider.

You should also know that B.S. trades don't go down in this league. We have a provision in our rules called "the shopping period" which is a 24 hour window that allows the rest of the league an opportunity to make superior counter offers to either owner of a trade posted on the league website. This cuts down on arguments and lopsided trades. Everyone has an opportunity to make a counter offer and it also cuts down on league members pissing and moaning to the commissioners to overturn a deal. Last season the commissioners overturned only one deal which was the 15th place team at the time trading Steve Nash and Rasheed Wallace (2 Center league) to the 2nd place team at the time for Stephan Jackson and a just off the injured list Ron Artest. Even though their deal was overturned they still won the league.

If interested in reading more send me an email at edbuzz@optonline.net and I'll forward you the rules.

Good luck finding what you want.


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I'm seeking a few more owners to fill out a 14 team league based out of New York City with a live auction.

We rent out a banquet room of a bar/restaurant, have a hot buffet, an auctioneer and plenty of space with folding tables and chairs. It's really enjoyable and you get to meet the other owners.

Non keeper, we use allstarstats.

If interested, email me at edbuzz@optonline.net

Our auction date is tentatively scheduled for Monday 11/3 at 7pm.

Enjoy your hoops this season

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