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  1. Unfortunately some of us have gone the other way and grabbed EVERY rb on this team -Carson/Collins/Penny owner
  2. I got to all the beard talk and was like wtf is going on here *insert grandpa Simpson walking in and out gif* but then I got to the pic and I apologize to all of you for what I said in my head about y’all
  3. Yea hoping he sits so he can stay on my ir for one more week since there’s no way I’m starting him with keenum
  4. Based on that quote I fully expect Penny to have passed away about a month ago. May he rest as he lived, in pieces.
  5. I thought he was just kinda banged up, where did he may miss the game come from? hard to keep up this apocalyptic week
  6. I’m a pretty big proponent of rbagnof but man this one just reeks of tears and regret to me
  7. I enjoy that these teams now have the same record
  8. I call my waiver moves “trades” too
  9. This is the week Moss definitively takes over the rb role from singletary and Allen. Based on me owning moss in a couple leagues and singletary no where.
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