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  1. What???? You should be ecstatic for getting him that late. I felt sick drafting him at 13 in a 12-teamer and even more sick after watching his abysmal preseason performances. Seemed to have bulked up, which has wrecked his jump shot and FT, lacks aggression on defense, and seemed to be limping (already) injured in his last preseason game. I know this one fact - the Lakers ain’t winning with this version of AD, so hopefully this changes once the season starts.
  2. Word is he worked with Randle’s trainer this summer, so hoping that along with Carlisle might be a good thing for him. I picked him up in two of my leagues in a punt points/FG build.
  3. Sucks that he’s coming off the bench when he played so well last year.
  4. There’s more than a divide. You’ve also gotta throw Doncic and Giannis in the mix. In most mocks, I seeing Giannis going #2 followed by Doncic, then Curry/Harden. For my $$$, I’m rolling with Harden, who I’ve found is easier to build around.
  5. No way I’m touching AD unless he falls to the mid-late 2nd round. I’m officially off the Simmons bandwagon. To a lesser extent, DeRozan is also on my list. Great guy all around except for the hit with 3s, which is an absolute must in this fantasy era for a guy who handles the ball as much as he does.
  6. Depending on some roster changes, I’ll keep my eyes on guys like SloMo, NAW, and Poeltl.
  7. But how do you go from stud to hot f*#ing maggot-infested garbage so quickly? Guess he got a ‘ship and got paid, so what the phuuuuuck. Goes on my DND list along with Simmons.
  8. And now my watch has also come to an end, but I’m surprisingly mello and proud of the resiliency of my rag-tag team without help from Harden, Lavine, Kemba, and Vucevic when I needed him the most. Came in second to a fully healthy team whose Brisett is THE reason for my loss. Will be back on the torture treadmill again next year!
  9. Concur, he’s been total horses#*t. Roll with DFS.
  10. Rozier’s anemic performance for the past week encapsulates my team’s performance in the finals. And it ain’t fun watching your juggernaut of a team disintegrate when you need them the most. Plus, losing Harden and Lavine hasn’t helped at all.
  11. Every time you make assumptions in fantasy basketball based on recent performance, the fantasy gods f$*#ing laugh at you. I penciled in 3s and steals as “for sure” categories I was going to win and my team that has averaged 100 3s per week has yet to reach 30 and is getting absolutely demolished in steals. SMFH
  12. Guess I’ll have to sacrifice a whole f*#%ing billing goat, both testicles included, to get the Lord to wake up. Hopefully not playing the Grizzlies again will help.
  13. All I need is a win in steals and it’s a wrap, but finding that hard with the roster below built to dominate STOCKS. Getting my clocked clean by a guy punting that CAT. AD, Simmons, Thybulle, Harkless, RoCo, SloMo, Noel, and Jrue.
  14. The Lord’s bounty for steals has run barren. Gonna sacrifice a goat’s testicle as burnt offering.
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