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  1. Did you miss Trae thread? Thanks for pointing out Rock thread, lots of gems can be found there
  2. I shall not post here because I don't believe in Lord (real life and fantasy) and never was an owner, but I will. I don't want to miss this wonderful thread. Btw I agree with BykeINIT, get ready for disappointment in your Lord this season. You will be lucky getting Trent Jr lite
  3. Really? Who would be better coach than Nurse in your opinion? Nurse had the guts to bench Siakam (All NBA selection) and now Raptors should replace him for Boucher (who spent most of his career in G League or riding the bench. If you watched Raptors games last year you should know that you shouldn't draft Boucher before 100th pick. But you probably already know that
  4. My Precious (sorry, I had to) will be fine ROS, he fits Raptors vision perfectly. Miami put him in the box last year and he wasn't used properly to show all his skills. Center position is his to lose, worst case scenario is 20-22 min per game. Best case (and most likely) scenario is 25-30 min per game which translates to nightly double double threat
  5. Well, last night Boucher got yelled at for a defensive blunder by Scottie (rookie playing in his 3rd game). It was that bad
  6. Comments from Nurse might seem ruthless, but they are also very true. Boucher has been terrible this season and injury has nothing to do with bad shot selection and poor defense. With Siakam and Yuta returning soon and Birch getting his conditioning back it looks like doghouse door is locked with no easy way out. With his ADP around 80-90 range (https://www.fantasypros.com/nba/adp/overall.php ), Boucher seems like a potential winner in the "Draft Bust Of The Year" category. He was already dropped in one of my 12-team leagues to open streaming spot and he is still sitting on the waivers. Is he worth stashing for second half of the season?
  7. Stocks and assists will come, give him at least 10 games in the NBA to get used to the speed of the game
  8. FVV - OG - Trent Jr - Scottie - Pascal Let me dream...
  9. In his 2nd NBA career game and first on the road(in Boston!), future ROY Scottie Barnes is the highest scoring player in the game with 25 pts (11/17), 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 3PM, 2/2 FT and 1 TO Not bad for a rookie
  10. Almost there Scottie, 15/7 at halftime 😃
  11. I am waiting for Scottie to block Tatum 3 pointer again. I have a feeling Scottie will have double double tonight
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