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  1. This was spotted on the Chicago Bears wiki today:
  2. Strangely enough, he had almost this exact same start last year: 2020: 6 games 40 rec. 345 yards 3 TDs 2021: 6 games 33 rec. 378 yards 2 TDs
  3. It really doesn't matter, they were able to spike it with 1 second left before. We were bound for overtime anyways, let's go.
  4. 3 for 36 on the first drive so far.... GIDDY UP!
  5. That was a pretty ingenious call on the "desperation" heave. They had the Dolphins fooled, for damn sure. Good for Urban, time to celebrate at the college bars!
  6. Flores does stupid ****. Urban says hold my beer.
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