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  1. Why are we not confident here? When Shanahan has a running back that he trusts and has the skills, that is the running back that gets the load. The main hesitation would be if Trey Lance plays, but I think Mitchell should be good for 15+ touches this week.
  2. I meant offensive coordinator. Big Ben has alluded to it.
  3. I think the bye week is going to help big time. I think a lot of people are struggling to get on the same page with this new offense.
  4. When he plays tomorrow, Keenan Allen will be the decoy.
  5. His prop bets are interesting this week. Who is starting him this week? I got him going this week and next week.
  6. I despise Jalen Hurts. I despise Nick Sirianni. I refuse to watch any Eagles game because if I do I will be on suicide watch.
  7. What we thinking for this week? Oakland shut down Mike Williams and looks like they have been solid this year against wrs. Hopefully he can keep his foot on the pedal and have a game like last week and week 2.
  8. Eagles traded some draft capital for Minshew. I would imagine they like him. If Hurts struggles more, I think they would put Minshew in. I never liked Minshew but at this point, i am rooting for this to happen.
  9. Not selling. He is too good. The coaches will come to their senses sooner than later.
  10. Hurts is also hurting us. 1st and goal at the one, Hurts sneaks in. 1st and goal at the 5, Hurts not handing it off and runs it in. This is pathetic how Sanders is being used. Well I think when he gets 10+ carries the Eaglea are 2-0.
  11. Is our guy gonna be there in passing down situations? I am sure 49ers will be playing from beyond.
  12. I think this is one of those things where the coach has his chosen one in Gainwell. When I see Gainwell getting pass plays designed for him, I can't help but think that Sanders can do all of that. Gainwell is good but he has not impressed me like Sanders has. I think Sirianni looks at Sanders as a previous regime guy and wants Gainwell to rise to the top. Sanders is better and it's not even close to me. Hopefully Sanders will get more work this week and have one of those big games he had last year (like against the Steelers). The Panthers stopped Kamara, but did not stop the Cowboys RBs. The other two teams they faced were the Jets and Texans with weak running games. While the matchup may seem bad, I think Sanders if given the opportunity can have a good game for us.
  13. Especially a hard1 from behind. Ayoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think Brate is still a good pickup in case Gronk really misses.
  15. Or maybe this is Tampa trolling the ultimate troll Belichick.
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