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  1. Got a bye next week but this could turn out to be a 3 week injury... no bueno
  2. Easy to make sense of it - Siriani sucks.
  3. Hurts also misses wide open check downs constantly because he doesn't go through his progressions. He's done this since the beginning of the season, you would think they try to correct this in the film room at least.
  4. Good game tonight, and the TD catch was great. They need to keep targeting him. Lacking in TDs but other than that putting up a solid season in PPR formats, especially for where he was drafted as a WR3. Could be a WR2 by years end.
  5. When you're the one playing in an obscure league and make blanket statements about a player's performance based on it, it's a bit uncharitable to leave that part out then mention it later after most people will disagree with you. I don't think being a WR1 in PPR formats is underwhelming at all, especially considering week 1 was an outlier game where GB rested their starters for a quarter or more. But sure, in your PPFD league, I guess he was.
  6. So your comments are based on a really obscure format in which I would bet no one else on this forum plays. However, in formats that a major portion of the fantasy community plays, he was a WR1 coming into week 4. So I disagree with the notion that he was mediocre for 25% of the season in the first place.
  7. Good thing the sample size becomes more relevant as more games are played. Who would have thought
  8. Again, as people have said to you before, owners drafted JRob expecting a solid RB2 and he’s clearly going to be that this season. Currently he’s doing much better than that, and looks good doing it. He’s way more talented than some naysayers ITT initially thought. So owners have plenty of reasons to be excited. Could he fall back down to draft expectations? Sure. But he’s going to do that at minimum barring injury.
  9. Classic on brand rotoworld forums post
  10. And you believe the conclusion is going to be getting their best player less involved? Fact is, there have been plenty of good fantasy RBs on crappy, losing teams. Hell, the Jaguars have been a prime example over the years themselves with MJD, Fournette, and Robinson himself last season.
  11. JRob is so good. Silky smooth with his feet
  12. Lawrence isn't going through his progressions like he should. The game is still too fast and / or he's already decided where he's going to go before the ball is snapped. Hopefully he gets better as the season goes on.
  13. Judging from the first 3 weeks, the Bengals have a pretty good run D. They were down from the end of the 3rd quarter on last week vs AZ and Robinson caught a bunch of dump offs. Hyde also played 🤔
  14. Big fan of JRob. Only thing getting in his way are teams selling out to stop the run and TLaw not being able to make them pay as we saw tonight vs. Cinci. JAX abandoned the run for pretty much the whole 3rd quarter.
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