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  1. CMC won’t be the same for the rest of the year, IMO, and his head coach is full of BS so you won’t get any honest updates as to his health at any point of this season. Just because CMC is slated to return in a couple of weeks doesn’t mean he can’t re-aggravate his injury or sustain a new one, then you’ll be in a real jam and be lucky to win any more games. I drafted CMC over Henry this year and have been kicking myself since week 3, stay away from this guy and certainly dont surrender your strong pieces for him.
  2. Darn it. Saw this thread bumped and hoped it was news that they’re starting him.
  3. .5 ppr Should have taken his injury last year under greater consideration. I can’t even trade him because of our draconian voting structure.
  4. Watching Henry run makes me wonder what I was smoking with the #1 pick on draft day. I picked CmC, and the comparison isn’t close. One’s a true workhorse, the other a porcelain scatback.
  5. 2-4 because I have a bunch of boom-or-bust players. A WR will go off one week, only to have the other two fall asleep. Same crap goes for my RBs. Can’t drop him and don’t want to keep them. Stuck in hell. I hate them. In my league, this is when the vultures come out with their buy low trade offers which essentially equate to giving me a gun with a round chambered to put me out of my misery.
  6. Evans will be the favorite to lead once he’s activated whereas McNichols will spell him for third down work. Evans was supposed to backup Henry before injury put him in IR at the start of the season and McNichols assumed the role since. McNichols hasn’t proved that the backup job should be his, though in his defense he’s not been accorded a lot of opportunities thanks to Henry’s uncanny sustainability. McNichols has been around the league, too, and hasn’t done much, while Evans was drafted just last year by TEN to backup Superman.
  7. Darrynton Evans returning to the Titans backfield from IR. Before his injury, he was the favorite to serve as Henry's primary backup. Worth stashing if you're a handcuff bandit, like myself.
  8. Year-over-year decline of this magnitude can be more comfortably attributed to coaching than any precipitous deterioration of talent, unless you’re saying it’s more likely that an entire defensive line comprised of 1st round talent can underachieve overnight because they naturally suck.
  9. That front 4 is talented. It’s their defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, who’s squandering that unit. I’m surprised he hasn’t been fired yet.
  10. This will be the first time I roster ole Jerick in years, not since the heydays of Asiata. Whelp, I’m back on the train.
  11. Yet another example of why having any type of relationship with Bruce Allen can only yield personal and professional disaster.
  12. Keeping him until I’m faced with bye woes and then he along with these wretched 49ers RBs I was dumb enough to be hoodwinked into grabbing will be purged from my roster.
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