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  1. Playing the Nostradamus card? Stevenson owner you must be.
  2. Is he worth a #1 waiver add considering how brutal the RB landscape is currently?
  3. It's football, I don't feel 100 percent with anyone on any team. But I do feel as good as I'll ever feel about Dalvin right now for sure.
  4. He looked good to me. He'll be just fine after the bye.
  5. Crickets in this thread since his injury. He's that far off of everyone's radar? I read it's looking like he'll be back after the 9ers bye-week. He looked very solid before getting hurt. Should we be make a preemptive strike to add this guy now?
  6. Going back and forth between him and Javonte Williams in my flex spot. Right now I have Williams IN.
  7. Welcome my friend, the frustration/vent thread calls for your voice.
  9. I gave up Shenault for him. What do you think? PPR league.
  10. Happy to on board this train fellas. Acquired AJ through a trade and couldn't be happier. I avoided Jones in the 1st round because I was afraid Dillion (look-alike bulldozer Henry) would begin to siphon away his upside and here we are.
  11. What I just read. Harris is on the field and practiced today.
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