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  1. Things have been quiet since the draft so we have a trade announcement: Rolling Twenties trades: Myles Gaskin RB MIA Salvon Ahmed RB MIA 2022 1st Round Pick Lambeau Leap trades: David Montgomery RB CHI 2022 2nd Round Pick
  2. @JMak's one and only pick the final pick of the FA draft.
  3. Loool just needed to slide the J over not too far off
  4. Confirmed. Trade back from Boudejwin via myself. Rolling Twenties selects.. FA Draft 1. Boudewijn - Donovan Wilson, S, DAL 2. merkman_21 - Boston Scott, RB, PHI 3. Iron-cock - Xavier Jones, RB, LAR 4. Mek Daddy - Chatarius "Tutu" Atwell, WR, LAR 5. sportsguy21792 - Randall Cobb, WR, GB 6. Du5t3r - Damien Williams, RB, CHI 7. megamoviejohn - Jake Funk, RB, LAR 8. vikingapocalypse - Deonte Harris, WR, NO 9. Drake (from Boudewijn via Drake) - Gerald Everett, TE, SEA 10. DerrickHenrysCleats - @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC 11. 1972Miamidolphins - @1972Miamidolphins ON DECK 12. Mek Daddy 13. KennyWoo 14. JMak
  5. First season this guy I knew in the league got locked up and I had to finish drafting for him.
  6. We used to just skip to the next person when the 24 hr mark hit but kind of got relaxed with it. The argument is we have time until the season starts but you are right, I think this draft is getting way stretched out with the 24 hr rule basically non existent this year.
  7. A lot of ppl been robrain'ing it this year. Them preseason games tho
  8. Ohh ya I think it's after Week 1 it resets? I know we implemented a reset somewhere. But either way, waivers aren't activated right now and everyone has picked up their players except a couple.
  9. Commish doesn't activate waivers til after the FA draft so it wouldn't get hit right now and I think we got rid of end of season waiver carry over a couple seasons ago.
  10. @megamoviejohn @Iron-cock @Mek Daddy
  11. Heads up draft is almost over and about 7 drafted players not on their teams yet.
  12. @Boudewijn also had his hands on 7 out of the first 13 picks.
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