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  1. This is best case scenario - hopefully they realized they didn’t need him for the Bears game with the NOLA game in sight. Historically, Lattimore has owned Evans so AB could be featured yet again if he can go.
  2. I traded Ridley for him the week before Ridley didn’t play on the London game…definitely feel like I robbed the other owner but enjoying the ride thus far. His usage is fantastic and as bad as Goff is, he can at least check it down.
  3. This looks like the best spot for them considering their ROS schedule - I will be on them for sure.
  4. Should have had another TD where him and Goff got crossed up. Swift sat on a route while Goff led him, off his finger tips but if he catches it clean, no one on front of him with endzone in sight.
  5. Worst part is that he has Detroit next week who is the worst run defense in the league…horrible.
  6. Lol gets 5 carries on the 1st drive and proceeds to get hurt early…can’t make this stuff up.
  7. Say what you will about Matt Ryan but he has been pretty solid since a slow start. Immobile as ever but can still manage some big passing numbers. Schedule looks very QB-friendly as well rest of season.
  8. Horrible timing - he has been red-hot too the last two weeks.
  9. Even if he somehow gets to play this season, do we actually think he will be fantasy relevant? I don't see how a QB can come in mid-season and just find instant success but maybe that's just me lol.
  10. 11 yards on 11 targets is a truly special, rare talent...
  11. 9 catches for 125 yards and 2 TDs...juicy match-up.
  12. It can't be that bad if he ended up finishing the game. Wednesdays are usually vet rest days so probably nothing to worry about right now.
  13. Did some Magnum PI google research (lol) and it looks like this is a Yahoo glitch. In between the trade review day, one of the teams picked up two additional players so when Yahoo tried to process the trade, it would have put one team over the roster limit size so the trade never processed.
  14. If true, then I have no idea what is going on. This is confusing to me lol
  15. For those on Yahoo, is there a way to see if accepted trades were vetoed during the review process? I had a trade accepted in my league this morning with the same two managers and similar players from last week. See example: Oct. 13th trade accepted (making up players for this example) Team A gives: CeeDee Lamb, Toney, Darrell Williams Team B gives: DMonty, McLaurin Trade accepted today with same two teams: Team A gives: CeeDee Lamb, Toney (No Darrell Williams this time) Team B gives: DMonty, McLaurin I'm confused.
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