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  1. Yes, thank you, A loosely attached, core group of friends/acquaintances have been playing my full IDP league since 2009. 1- QB 1- RB 1- RB 1- RB/WR Flex 1- WR 1- WR 1- WR/TE Flex 1- TE 1- DT 1- DE 1- DE 1- LB 1- LB 1-LB 1-CB 1-CB 1- S 1-S 1- IDP Flex 1-Kicker We have based this off of ESPN's default scoring for both. We've made td's 7 points across the board, tackles are 1 point each as well as per reception. There are bonus's for the upper tier of offensive production; for instance a qb passing more than - 300-399 gets an extra 2 points,, goes up to 3 points for a 400+ game Interceptions and sacks are 6 points each. Its much more competitive this way and we feel its "next". It allows you and your effort to have more of a decision on the outcome of the game. IDP info was extremely scarce when we started. Now you can find plenty of info. Regular fantasy football is boring af once your learn defensive players. There are some downsides, like a random corner going off for 30 points. That only happens on occasion and its usually some waiver wire fodder that doesnt get enough tackles to be on a team the entire season. Give it a shot..
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