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  1. Why did they have no business winning that game? Panthers are overrated much like the Broncos were and shall we not forget their QB is in fact Sam Darnold lol.. Vegas had that game as a pickem more or less even after how pathetic the giants have been tells you all you need to know. It’s good to win, although there was never much of a chance of anyone getting shut down.
  2. Juedy is the best bet to sustain some sort of weekly consistency on this team. Sutton you’ll have some big games along with a lot of volatility, Sutton/Teddy are not a great match skill set wise based off Teddys limitations. Juedy is going to have a safer floor with some upside. I will probably start him.
  3. Panthers have one quality win on their schedule vs a team who didn’t have their coach that week. Giants are trash but can we stop overrating the Panthers. I actually think this will be a competitive game.
  4. Remember how the giants won that hideous game in Seattle last year. With running Gallman the entire game when everyone was injured. Why is that not feasible here it certainly is, it will be ugly but Booker falls into the endzone once and off the volume this week you’ll have an 18+ pt week in ppr. The Panthers one quality win was v the Saints with Payton and other coaches being sidelined on the covid list. Giants are crap doesn’t change their season outlook but they’ll surprise this game.
  5. I’m actually cautiously optimistic this week the whole offense is decimated, I could see Booker getting 25 touches. The Giants are an absolute joke right now but this Panthers team to me is overrated much like the Broncos were after they had a few cupcake wins. This will be a close game.
  6. Aikman: not so sure Tim Patrick is not their best receiver Lol
  7. Does anyone go down easier than Noah Fant sheesh, just once barrel into someone.
  8. His name does sound like a Wrestler, he has that going for him 😆
  9. Every WR on my roster has combined for 0 TD’s the past two weeks. That seems like something that’s hard to do 🤓
  10. Even when this guy produces a dud I’m hardly ever annoyed he’s just such a likable player and his QB play stinks. That being said an 8.6 followed by a 6.8 in ppr is tough to stomach. 4 bad outings 2 great ones that’s a lot of volatility owes us a great one next week.
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