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  1. At this point the Eagles offense would look better with Minshew throwing the ball/handing it off. What a trainwreck of a season. As an eagles fan part of me is thinking we are purposely tanking the season for 3 top first rounders next season (barring Wentz is healthy and Indy and Mia continue to bomb). That being said it was actually encouraging for Miles this last game and he can only go up from here.
  2. Because we all saw how well rookie RB Kenneth Gainwell took over the backfield in Philly. Herbert will get a good chance this week to prove himself but unless he goes ballistic I don't see him taking over when Williams returns (even healthier at that).
  3. If we had kept him on the bench could have picked up a flier. Instead… 🤡
  4. Kenneth Painwell. The Eagles entire offense this year is pain.
  5. With D Will going down today I’m rolling the dice with my boy over Sanders tonight. Will most likely regret this tomorrow.
  6. If he has this backfield to himself he will be very valuable this week.
  7. Starting with confidence this week or still early to tell? Herbert ran well the first game but still give the edge to D Will. Even if Herbert does well this week you have to wonder how many games you would be confident starting him over Williams by the time D Mont comes back.
  8. With Chase banged up and Hopkins possibly out he's an intriguing play this week. Would definitely play in my deeper leagues.
  9. Doesn't look good for this week, will have to have a backup plan and monitor. Very tempted to start Rondale if he's out.
  10. If Mixon is out for some reason (one practice so far) with Perine possibly out due to covid Evans is a great stash and hold for this week against Det.
  11. He has plenty of season left to eat. And he will eat for sure as long as Kyler's shoulder injury isn't too serious.
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