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  1. It sounds interesting. I would also like to share some information about golf particularly equipment for golf. The sources about rangefinders: https://www.onthegolfgreen.com/choosing-a-golf-rangefinder/ https://golfauthority.org/best-golf-rangefinder-under-100/
  2. I used to use a reverse overlap grip (pointer finger on top of the pinkie) and currently use the interlocking grip. I find that my current grip is much more secure and comfortable, but I also have a tendency to leave the club almost completely shut at the top (the face points straight up). This might be just my strong grip though, but it did start after I switched. Some sources about golf and other games: https://www.golfwrx.com/317096/the-problem-with-a-strong-grip/ , https://recroompick.com/how-to-rack-pool/, https://www.britannica.com/sports/table-tennis.
  3. I listen to Rufus Du Sol while working. Very energetic.
  4. Have you watched Lupin on Netflix? It is an amazing detective story
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