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  1. Hello everybody! I'm italian and with my friends we've creatend another league on sports.ws. We play with 48 minutes for C + 96 minutes for F + 96 minutes for G Our league rules are: FTs Made: 2.0, FTs Attempted: -1.0, 2Ps Made: 3.0, 2Ps Attempted: -1.0, 3Ps Made: 4.0, 3Ps Attempted: -1.0, Offensive Rebounds: 1.0, Defensive Rebounds: 1.0, Assists: 1.0, Blocks: 1.0, Steals: 1.0, Turnovers: -1.0, Win: 0.0, Loss: 0.0 So.. We've just finished our draft and this is my team: 10) K.A.Towns (C) 15) J.Tatum (F) 27) F.Vanvleet (G) 46) M.Brogdon (G) 52) OG.Anunoby (F) 69) K.Olynyk (F) 77) R.Holmes (C) 92) M.Bamba (C) 98) R.J.Barrett (G) 119) O.Porter Jr. (F) 121) J.Poole (G) 144) T.Hardaway Jr. (F) 1st Reserve: M.Robinson (C) 2st Reserve: still free What do you think? Everything will depend on KAT season 😅 but last year i've picked Jokic at #6 and everything went so good... 😄
  2. It seems he must be out just for onether week
  3. Hope to have some news about him... Just to understand if he will come back in the next two weeks or it will makes sense to drop it for the regular season
  4. Just one week it seems too little 😅
  5. Does anybody know when other players in the same injury situation came back to play?
  6. maybe it's time for some more Campazzo in our lives
  7. NAW out 2 weeks Hart out 3 weeks So... Who is the occasion now?
  8. c'mon you can't be serious... Picked him on sunday
  9. Without Embiid he's not hot... Damn. I'm think to put Schroeder up him
  10. Damn I don't know how much I love big thad
  11. The Hawks and Clippers have been discussing a trade for Rajon Rondo, sources tell ESPN. Forty minutes left until the deadline now.
  12. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1375147272053358594?s=19
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