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  1. Hes on our 12 team WW still, his stats can be produced from any other WW player. I don’t see him improving in any way this year. He's an okay streamer but he doesnt do much for you I feel.
  2. Yeah, after 2nd round, all elite bigs are gone so its slim pickins after that . That being said, hes a good pick up , cant hurt you anywhere in category. Also, news about bagley only helps his value.
  3. I really hope he gets this type of stateline...OG Onouby like stats
  4. solid punt FT?? lol hes a pf/c that shoots 70% at ft.
  5. Even with Bryant back, I think Harrell can get a solid/consistent time of playing since he was a former 6th man of the year. I think he didn't get utilized well enough in LA.
  6. Yeah makes sense. I was planning to go Bam in my second round but Trae Young fell to me, so threw off my entire game plan since I knew top tier centers run dry really quick!
  7. WHIR. I have OG and Ayton owner is willing to trade away Ayton. ( Context: He has too many pf/c so he's trying to offload one)
  8. I took holmes over a lot of those guys you mentioned since I feel like holmes has plenty to improve upon (althought crappy team) but he doesn't really hurt you anywhere and is efficient. He isn't flashy in anyway but his good % and blocks is all I need for my first center pick. Unfortunately all the good centers are gone in 1/2/early 3rd round.
  9. I got Young at 13 and I think it's a steal. He needs to be more efficient and less TO's. That a lone would bring him to top 10 easily. Got lots of upside.
  10. I had him 2/3 of the year but I think the last 1/3 of the games, he started to regress
  11. Thanks for the added info. I just hope they can start giving more time to these rookies and stop wasting our time with using vets like last year (ex. Horford). I have Roby and Giddy on my bench and im hoping OKC youth gets their time to mesh.
  12. I'm assuming his usage will be high? Who competes with him?
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