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  1. Dude carried me to semis not even lying. I lost Harden and got this gem from waiver claim. Probably a league winning pick up if I win all the way
  2. All the warnings about him being trash in cat leagues yet you still fall to this trap. His good days is not really elite. This is from a former owner. Tate i think is the real winner from Wall shutdown.
  3. I dropped Gafford for this guy. Pray for me
  4. He also gets IL tag real fast so its like telling me hes gonna be out for so long
  5. Who even runs a 3 center rotation nowadays. No doubt they are one of the worst teams in the league coz of this dumb coach
  6. Vuc, Holmes, Rozier, Randle, Grant, Powell, Vanvleet, Boucher, Jarrett Allen, Kyrie(drafted 3rd-4th coz of injury risk) but 1st rounder all year
  7. I moved on from the guy sadly. My team has been very good in efficiency but with him I felt like its not the right fit when I want to win FG FT and TOs. Playoffs is next week so I need to make sure my best cats are solid.
  8. Ofcourse I was against him when he decided to drop 50 piece and 10 3s
  9. What happened on the 2nd half? Not complaining on the 50 bomb tho but was on pace to get more
  10. At this point hes just playing for himself a lot of mistakes becausw hes ball hogging
  11. Oh like i said i didnt watch the game. I have the guy so im hoping for a better game next game. Lets see then
  12. He was guarding hartenstein and love the other day and he put up a dud. I dont know whats happening but maybe a bit of a mini slump. I wasnt able to watch the last few Spurs game. Hes suppose to be better than this
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