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  1. Easy play this week assuming Pete didn’t lie again. Lord of the dance.
  2. There are decent pivots. I just need Waller to play in this smash spot on an absolutely brutal bye/injury week. So frustrating.
  3. I had to drop Bass in multiple leagues. Still hurts.
  4. Matty Ice is gonna throw 4 touchdowns this week and at least one is going to CPat. Analysts still screaming at us to sell him high. Bye week over he’s never leaving my lineup again.
  5. Might just start the herbster and save myself this headache. Want nothing to do with rostering Penny.
  6. What do people think about Elliott? I have a good vibe about him.
  7. Carroll is habitual man. Can’t trust a word he says.
  8. Best TNF injury fill-in in a while. Awesome.
  9. I’m staring at 17 0.5 PPR points from D’Ernest freaking Johnson I don’t know what you’re talking about.
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