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  1. I'm hoping Lance doesn't come in. He looked very inaccurate. He could cap Deebo's upside I fear.
  2. Problem is they can't fire him. If he's ever fired, another team will hire him before he gets to his car in the parking lot. They'll fire Lynch way before Shanny.
  3. Plus the huge games will come. Once MVS returns, the deep bomb TDs will be back. Great to see Tonyan and Lazard involved today. Set and forget until the bye.
  4. I would like to thank Chase for tanking his ADP with his preseason drops to allow me to steal him in the 7th round.
  5. Unfortunately a bust compared to his ADP
  6. I'd take him as the number 3 WR overall in next years redraft after Adams and Hill. Hell, if Arod leaves the Packers, he's my second WR off the board.
  7. Is this a reference to the chipotle incident? 😂
  8. Last one out turn off the lights. This thread is done.
  9. I believe Harris took himself out for that play due to injury. I may be remembering that incorrectly.
  10. It's close. I think has a higher probability of taking over the backfield versus Dillon. Baring injury, Dillon would always be the 1b in Green Bay. Stevenson can hypothetically out perform Harris, or Harris could commit another turnover, and win the job out right. The big thing is the Pats give their backs plenty of goal line touches whereas Rodgers is known to vulture goal line touchdowns from Jones. On the other side the Packers are a better offense and will give more opportunities to their backs.
  11. I'm listening to a few of his Young Joka rap songs to send positive vibes his way for a speedy recovery. It's a rough listen so the universe better bless him with good health for going above and beyond like this.
  12. I'll give you your props but let's not jump the gun here. Harris is still very much the 1a in this backfield and the far better fantasy player to own. He is very talented in his own right so the Pats should continue to feature Harris. The Pats have not shown any indication that they no longer trust him with the goal line carries despite two fumbles, so it's safe to say he still has that role locked down. Stevenson can certainly get the occasional goal line carry similar to Rex Burkhead but that isn't the reason I would claim him. He is a great hand cuff for an injured RB that is one more fumble away from losing his starting spot but if he carves out the third down/pass catching role then he could be a decent flex play in ppr
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