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  1. hang in there, let me know if you'd like to join us in the next Kadarius Toney Stans Anonymous meeting
  2. I will sleep like a baby tonight with a picture of Toney under my pillow
  3. kadarius makes me feel alive and gives me hope even if my record is 3-3. there's not many players that can do that. i love him.
  4. i don't think they're going to tell us. we might let it leak to the Giants coaching staff.
  5. if he blows up tomorrow, awesome. if he sucks tomorrow because he got shadow coverage, that's ok because it's Ramsey. if he blows up even with shadow coverage, prepare for mayhem in this thread.
  6. one of these guys is not like the others. one of these guys is not the same.
  7. no one is going to give up a WR1 for a waiver pick up. you can get a WR2 but why would you? only reason to trade him is to fill a need in another position.
  8. this comment has convinced me to pick him up in waivers tonight
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