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  1. We are looking for our last owner to fill our money lg. We don't want to play during a short week because it be bs to lose because someone had players for 2 specific games twice this week. I am an lm that takes pride in his lgs, I ran a 15+ year baseball lg and a +16 year football lg. There won't be any shananigans. My owners who have played in my lgs for 5+ seasons can vouch for me and my lg history.
  2. no bs here, ran 1 lg 15+ years baseball and +16 year in football. Have owners that can vouch for me.
  3. Hoping to get a lg draft before tipoff, it is 12 team h2h cats. 100 to enter, top 3 get prize.
  4. We close to filling it out, lg is 12 team h2h cats on espn. Entry is 200 and top 3 get prizes. I have ran a lg of baseball for +15 years and hockey 16+ years and have experienced in long tenured lgs if you want to check my history.
  5. Very close to filling and willing to draft tonight at 10pm est if that can work. 200 to enter and top 3 get prize. It is 12 team h2h cats lg on Espn.
  6. 12 team h2h cats on espn, it is Monday night draft. 200 to enter and top 3 prizes. Let me know if interetsed
  7. do yo use paypal by any chance? That would make it easier to collect payments. I've had u in my lg before in 2020 using that so you know I'm trustworthy.
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