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  1. He’s crazy, hell no Waller for Damin Harris. Lol in a few weeks to a month u may get Harris for a kicker once Stevenson gets going.
  2. It’s up to u do u want about 5-10 points starting a Ravens back this year, that’s what Murray was doing and it may be less with Freeman or go Herbert who is either splitting touches maybe slowly fazed out- I hate the bears coach he cant be trusted he’s the 3 headed monster king.
  3. A lot of these guys over valuing Waller, they may not be taking in account this year he’s not the only target on that offense like before. He’s definitely good but take that into consideration, even though I never liked Mixon cause of injuries I don’t see why you u shouldn’t do that trade.
  4. Dude what r u doing? Don’t drop Collins for anything, Carsons season is most likely over is a damn herniated disk. Collins is a bell cow when he’s out, so what if he misses a week or 2. U may regret dropping him in a few weeks.
  5. Lol he is not trading Najee for that offer even though he has McCafferey. I have Najee and would laugh at that.
  6. Yes, he plays for team now he wants to be on and do good for. He hated being in Philly.
  7. Please pick up Stevenson before some else does, he’s gaining more and more every week. Harris is kinda bummy and injury prone this year, something every week so far.
  8. Word. Nicely put, now its make it so easy to decide. TY
  9. I don’t know how much fab but he’s gaining traction more and more each week if you can hold and see, Harris seems more likely to get injured at some point it seems something each week with him. Go for it a lot of upside if you can wait a few weeks to see what happens. Help with mine:
  10. I know the guys in front of me will go for the RBs on the board and i only get Johnson if i tried which would help me only for this week. But I know for certain there is like 2 people who will take QBs this week after me if i don’t pick them up and I wont have Tua or Ryan for the time Russ gets back. This sucks so bad cause both Ekeler and Najee have byes, then Hunt got hurt and questions for Murray and Collins all in this week. But i was leaning towards picking up a QB, i feel like my gut is telling me to do that also I feel like I’m at such a disadvantage especially with Heineke’s performance last week.
  11. Yes trade him and make him someone elses problem. Help with mine:
  12. I wouldn't drop him for those guys, there has to be someone else he has to much upside. Help with mine:
  13. I don't want to use my waivers either this week but I have to. Yes use it if you think those defenses will be gone. Help with mine:
  14. Why would you want to trade a healthy Elite PPR magnet for an unheathly Elite PPR magnet out for at least 3 weeks or even more. Don't risk trading players for injured players especially Ekeler type players. Help with mine:
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