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  1. how about an free nfl.com league. 16 team, 3 keepers, trades of picks & players. If interested message me with your email.
  2. how about an nfl.com league? 16 team 4 division league, 3 keepers, we trade draft picks starting team qb rb rb wr wr te flex flex k d 8 bench if interested please leave email and i will send an invite.
  3. free, 10 year league, 3 keeper, trade draft picks also, starting team qb rb rb wr wr te flex flex k d, 8 bench 4 divisions 6 teams make the playoffs. trophy to the winner if interest leave your email and i will send an invite. nfl.com league
  4. This is a free league. 16 teams, 4 divisions, 2 wild cards for the playoffs. 7-12 play for the 1st overall pick (snake draft) We trade players & draft picks. All teams keepers are due this sunday at 8pm (eastern) Our champion has already been crowned and this is our week of trading to set up each team with their 3 keepers. One owner hasn't responded at all during the last 2 weeks so i'm looking to replace him. If this sounds like something you can handle leave your email and i will send an invite.
  5. A great fantasy football team manager is needed. 1 team is still unresponsive. Keepers are due this week and players & draft picks are being traded until Sunday at 8pm. est This is a free league on nfl.com and i send a trophy to the winner.
  6. How about a 3 keeper leauge? We have 16 teams and 4 divisons. Only the division winners and 2 wild cards make the playoffs. Starters include qb rb rb wr wr te flex k def team.8 bench. We trade draft picks also. There is 1 team that notified me he's not returning next year due to too many teams he already has. This team was ranked 8th overall and is playing in the 2nd bracket of the playoffs for the #1 draft pick slot (snake draft) Week #17 is when all teams trade picks & players to get to their 3 keepers. These are due the Monday after the NFL regular season. It is an NFL.com league, it is free and i give out a trophy to the winner. If this interests you league your email and i will send an invite.
  7. The team is 1-6 16th overall and in need of some rebuilding. We are a 3 keeper league and trade draft picks. The team has at least 3 players good enough to keep. It's still possible to make a run at the top 6 playoffs. We also have the next 7-12 team playoff for the 1st overall pick slot. 13-16 get slotted 2-5 in the draft. This team stil has its original draft picks except trading away their 3rd for a 7th. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in respond with an email. Thanks
  8. i run my own league and would like to join another. It is also on nfl.com so i know how everything works. I usualy have the max 5 trade offers waiting to be accepted or declined. email sunrisesurprise214@gmail.com
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