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  1. I'd start Henry this week. You are in a ten team league and talking about TEs that are outside the top ten. I have Schultz at 10 ROS.
  2. I'll add my 2 cents. I've been playing fantasy football prior to the internet. When the internet started and FF become popular in the mid 90s. There were only a few sites to play. Yahoo and ESPN dominated the landscape. I played both along with Sportsline for a year. I did not like Yahoo because of the way they ran the WW. CBS Sportline seemed cheap at the time. I settled in when ESPN was a pay site to play FF. It was a simple roster no PPR 1 QB 1 RB 2WR 1RB/WR TE D/ST K. You would play for standings at ESPN and the winner got a banner or T-shirt. I have plenty of banners. I was in the top 1% of ESPN players back then. ESPN would veto a trade if needed. Roster were always full, the site itself would not allow you to leave a spot empty. It was considered an illegal roster. You had to have all your bench spots filled as well. Things have changed for the worst IMHO. Now people stuff their rosters which IMO is a form of cheating. Now I read a thread at a fantasy site dealing with how far people are willing to go. I do play a few cheap league through ESPN with this in mind. I do it for fun and a chance to win a little change. I spend my money at the NFFC in satellite leagues. They are leagues that you do not know prior to the draft who you are playing against. No trading leagues where your roster must be full including your bench. Plus it's FAAB so the playing field is fair. The leagues are based on points scored throughout the year. The top three PF "points for" have a playoff. who ever scores the most PF wins the league. Everyone usually plays the other teams in the league once throughout the year. There is a small cash prize for the best record. The winner is the highest scoring team.
  3. I'd rank the players you list like this, this week: Robinson 13 points floor Davis 13 pts Williams 12 pts Fant 12pts Sanders 11pts All these options are risky at best. Robinson: All the talent in the world. Teams scheme is holding him back, great match up. Davis: Tough match up, teams #1. Williams: Gordon is a bitch holding him back. Sloppy track tonight should get touches. Fant: see above. Good TE will be needed. Sanders: What is going on here? Good match up. GL
  4. I see them both getting about 15 carries for about 65 yards. I think Williams has better chance to score. Williams will out touch Harris in the passing game 20 yards to about 5. IMHO Williams scores and Harris doesn't. I'd start Williams. GL
  5. I think I would make that trade. I like Jackson slightly over Murray ROS. And the chance that Barkley comes back strong is worth the risk. I'd take the chance on the league winning risk on Barkley. All you lose is your #3 RB. GL
  6. I see them scoring, as a floor: Williams 11 points Waddle 11 points Carter 9 points GL
  7. I'd start Engram... You are throwing a dart, go with your gut. GL
  8. Full PPR I'd lean Patrick. Anything less than a full PPR I'd go Gordon. Don't lock up your flex on Thursday start them at RB or WR. GL
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