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  1. Dropped him and not looking back. He’s probably out until at least week 12. Even when he comes back, there’s no guarantee he’s back to 100%. Have Jalen Hurts as replacement. Good move?
  2. In an 18-team league, lost Chark and now Cephus. WR pool is very barren. Know absolutely nothing about this dude, just that he actually tied for lead in team targets this week. Worth a home-run flier?
  3. Well, drop city he did absolutely nothing yesterday lol
  4. He was back at practice earlier today. Drafted Engram in 18 team league so TE is very thin… tried Kroft last week which was an epic fail. Revenge game for him this week, gonna take a flier on him. If he’s ruled out before game time, will just try Schultz instead
  5. Picking him up now before his blowup game today
  6. Due to COVID as he’s still unvaccinated 😶
  7. Thinking he can be the Lions’ #1 WR this year. Anyone else agree?
  8. Lol. It was a compound fracture and he had surgery. He’s done for the season and probably done with the Cowboys. He’s damaged goods now
  9. He’s just average in real life and fantasy. Was average against Seahawks last night even though he threw it 39 times which included 2TDs and still didn’t get 20 fantasy points. He will be average against the lowly Falcons next week as well. Every game that should be a shootout for Cousins never comes to fruition.
  10. Starting topic in advance of when he blows up tomorrow night against the Bills. Picking him up now as FA before the hype train rolls in.
  11. Right, you’re referencing this year (in August I believe), where length of contract - 4 years vs. 5 years, became more prominent. I was referencing last year where after Zeke was in Cancun and he came back and he signed right before season started. That’s the time last year when supposedly the next deal with Dak was ready but him and/or agent wanted more money at that time (it was roughly 36 mil/year on the table, they wanted more). But back to what you’re referencing for length of contract this year, that was a huge mistake by Dak because that 5th year becomes irrelevant anyway since it’s either going to be another extension or they cut him before that contract expires
  12. He’s done for this year and probably done with the Cowboys too
  13. 100% correct. After watching the game, he got a good amount of targets and had some nice plays but his explosiveness is gone. One of these games he will blow up, just gonna be hard to predict when that will be
  14. Looking to do the same... set and forget at kicker lol... what are the chances Legatron all of a sudden starts putting up points? If Cowgirls are always behind he won’t get many chances for FGs right?
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