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  1. He'll most likely not have a good start to the season so you can always buy low and trade your bench guy who produces right out of the gate
  2. It's a logical strategy. But if Gobert/Capela/Ayton (or 2 or all of them) goes down with a season ending injury or misses most of the season. His rebounding advantage might just put him in the middle of the pack.
  3. Yeah. go for Donte. You can pick up a 3 pt specialist like Trey Murphy if ever Donte doesn't pan out in week 1
  4. keep gobert. he's not a FT% anchor. and at least you get a minimum of 70 to 75 games.
  5. I'd dump Bagley and Bey for Bamba and McConnell. Kings also have a high potential for being a dumpster fire so you might want to trade either Fox or Haliburton. Bradley+Haliburton for Giannis? If you pull of a 2 for 1 then maybe pick up Theis or Duncan Robinson
  6. PG - Lillard SG - NAW G - Simmons SF - Hardaway Jr. PF - JJJ F - Draymond C - Gobert C - Bamba Util - Marcus Morris BN - Gallinari BN - Kuzma BN - Cam Johnson
  7. Dude will never have to pay for a meal in Tennessee for the rest of his life. A class act.
  8. This post is the reason why this forum was made. Internet gold
  9. And this is the first time i've had him on my team. That trade might have been the best one i've pulled off in fantasy. Your team is crazy good though. Kudos on building that depth
  10. Riddick simping over Derrick Henry makes for amusing television
  11. Lawrence and Tua noodle arming these throws worse than a grade schooler
  12. If they get Watson there's a chance. This Miami team would at least be halfway decent if they have a QB who doesn't act like a deer in the headlights
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