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  1. If Watson gets traded and starts playing this year, can the mods please lock this thread for a day and just post this:
  2. I finally did it! My 0-6 team is now 1-6!
  3. When I have all my WRs away from byes, my "lineup" would be Ridley/Amari/Diontae with Hollywood 4th. I may need to bench Ridley for Hollywood once all the byes are done.
  4. When Carroll says an injured player is good to go, what Carroll really means is:
  5. Maybe the Browns should just roll with Keenum from now on.
  6. Is this the shortest half of football ever? An hour of real time and it's almost half time.
  7. It is make or break for me, but yeah I still figured McKissic would be solid this week even if Gibson is active.
  8. I picked up McKissic in a half-PPR instead of D'Ernest since I figured Gibson may have a potential long term injury and D'Ernest is likely a one week rental. This season has been such a mess for me.
  9. Agreed, the issue for this week is that Collins plays on Monday night. In the team where I have Collins, I have to choose between him and one of the Denver RBs as my RB2. I'll be sitting Collins this week just because I can't afford to wait until then due Denver playing tonight.
  10. My understanding is that Chubb's injury is more of the short-term variety while Gibson's injury may affect him all season or at least until Gibson rests for a while. So I'd say there's greater ROS upside with Patterson.
  11. Or he'll have a monster game and then tear his ACL at the end.
  12. https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/article/play-your-own-risk/proceed-caution-these-5-players BRONCOS RUNNING BACKS @ BROWNS We have a two-for-one tempering as this backfield is pretty much a 50/50 split between veteran Melvin Gordon and rookie Javonte Williams. The Denver duo is cannibalizing themselves into low-end RB2 production for Gordon, and RB4 output from Williams through six contests. They head to Cleveland on a short week, to face a Browns rushing defense that is only allowing 15.1 half-PPR points to opposing backfields, the second-lowest in the NFL. This unit has also only given up two total rushing touchdowns to RBs this season, which does not bode well for this tandem. I know RB bodies are tough to come by this week, but if you can sit both Broncos, it could be for the best. Meanwhile, I'm using Javonte and/or Gordon across my teams thanks to byes and injuries. In one of my teams I'm forced to play both 😅
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