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  1. Lakers old squad is not even competitive. Lakers this year will only do well if AD is healthy
  2. Jason Kidd first year is always rainbow and butterflies and then the shithole begins
  3. Well, the only one all star that was somewhat healthy was Jokic. Everybody else was injured or load managed
  4. Rate my team: Roto 12T keeper league PG Fox, Rozier SG SGA, Powell SF bojan bogdanovic, Harrison Barnes, keldon Johnson PF Holmes, Horford, Harrell C KAT, Nurkic, Zubac Too many PF/ C? ——————————————————————— Rate my team: H2H 12T 9cat keeper league PG Irving (IL+), CP3, Lowry, McConnell SG Lonzo, Melton, Joe Harris SF Hayward, Barton PF Sabonis, Harrison Barnes C JJJ, porzingis
  5. 1. Brandon Ingram 2. Khris Middleton 3. Tobias Harris 4. demontas Sabonis We barely discuss any of these 4 guys here. They are boring but they contribute across the board. I realize if you have these 4 players for the last 3 seasons, I bet you been pretty successful. Who else?
  6. I’m on the train. Got him for $28 in auction draft. JV gone. Aquaman meh. Top 15 player this year. I call it. Having Him and porzingis this year is like having del taco version of AD and Embiid
  7. I will probably drop Trent and pick up one of the will Barton (more peripheral stat), Jordan Poole or J Giddey (both higher upside). Barnes may be a pretty good option too
  8. Don’t wanna jinx it but it looks like the unicorn is back under Jason kidd’s coaching He is also seemingly healthy to begin this season
  9. Point made. This *********** is probably going to get vaccinated right before season begins
  10. Damn “Brogdon and durability” He just suffered a grade 1 left AC sprain im holding my TJ
  11. Sabonis still available? also randle and ayton are good together with Jokic
  12. Overall very promising team. Just wondering how you got harden, Paul George and FVV for the first 3 rounds. Did FVV fall to the mid 3rd round? Isaac’s return is still an unknown. You may want to put him in IL and pick up the one with high upside Please help https://forums.nbcsportsedge.com/topic/856831-please-rate-my-team-whir/
  13. I woulda drop Bledsoe for someone with higher upside like Maxey or monte Morris I woulda also stash someone other than MB3. MB3’s game is just not very fantasy friendly
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