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  1. I’d honestly rather role the dice with a prospect over Bellinger.. Outside or his hot start in 2019, he’s been no better than a .265 hitter. And he hasn’t come close to that even in 2020 or 2021. Even if he returns to form, what is he? A 35 HR guy with mediocre batting average? And I don’t think you can count on him to steal the 10-15 bases he used to get…. If he’s just a streaky power guy, he’s just like 25 other guys that are available in drafts every year. Franmil Reyes, Jared Walsh. Adam Duvall types.
  2. I don’t know about generational, but he is very good. He’s only 20 so we don’t know where the ceiling is, but I feel like he’ll be over-drafted next season. I’ll probably predict he hits .300 next year but with maybe 20-25 HR and 5-10 SB with plenty of Runs scored… That’s a valuable player but it’s not superstar caliber like Acuna, Tatis types… But maybe in time he does grow into more power. That’s very possible/likely.
  3. Hey everyone, I have 3 teams available for ownership... the league settings can be found here: https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=14879 14 teams, 13 players per roster, 9 starters, 4 bench spots, 2 IR slots The league is free to play and we're entering year 13 this season. Also....... the draft is this upcoming Wednesday and keepers lock this upcoming Tuesday. Here are the available teams' most notable players: Team A: Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, Kawhi Leonard, Jerami Grant, Jaren Jackson Jr. Team B: Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons, D'Angelo Russell, Andre Drummond Team 😄 Kyle Lowry, Draymond Green, Rudy Gobert, Nikola Vucevic
  4. Updated final numbers for Kelenic since August 1st: 56 games 29 Runs (full season pace of 84) 11 HR (full season pace of 32) 30 RBI (full season pace of 87) 3 SB (full season pace of 9) .223 AVG (with a low .254 BABIP) 25.4% K rate 10.1% BB rate He also had a 44.4% hard hit rate and .850 OPS in September during a playoff push. Arrow is pointing straight up for JK.
  5. Even with his struggles and demotion over the summer, he’s still on pace for 26 HR and 11 SB with his current numbers. If he can build off what he’s done in the second half, and have a little better BABIP luck too, he could/should be primed for a breakout season. Here are his stats since August 1st: 51 games 27 Runs (86 full-season pace) 11 HR (35 full-season pace) 26 RBI (83 full-season pace) 3 SB (10 full-season pace) .222 Average with an unlucky .248 BABIP 25.9% K rate 10.1% BB rate A lot of people are going to (wrongfully) ignore him next spring.
  6. Yeah, it’s usually hard to tell. I will be picking late in the 1st round at 12th overall and my gut says it would be 50/50 for Witt to go top 10 if I threw him back into the draft…. The other prospects I think will slide but I’m assuming Witt will be up on opening day or very early, making him the most likely to go early.
  7. I should have noted, our league’s season is over…. I drafted Kelenic and couldn’t trade him prior to the deadline… And Witt and J-Rod were picked up late in the season… But if/when I do not keep those prospects next season, I will be trying to trade them for draft picks for the 2022 Draft.
  8. Thanks. I’ve had Marte the last 2 years and I’m a huge fan of his for steady production so I’ve been leaning that way…. As far as SP typically goes, I usually go for volume and High K starters so I’ve never fully invested in a keeper SP. And fo how I got the 4 I got… the league started in 2019 and I drafted Acuna 4th overall, reached on Vlad and took him 25th overall, and used a late round pick on Tatis (before we all knew he was making the opening day roster)…. And then I got Turner this year early on….. Traded Castellanos and Austin Meadows for him back in April.
  9. This is a H2H standard 5x5 categories league. We must keep 5 players per year, with no contracts or limits. I am already dead set on keeping Acuna, Tatis, Vlad Jr., and Trea Turner. The final keeper is a decision between the following: Yu Darvish Nolan Arenado Starling Marte Jarred Kelenic Bobby Witt Jr. Julio Rodriguez I love all those players to a certain degree or another and I am leaning towards keeping one of the 2 stud prospects (Witt or Julio) depending on their spring performance next year, but who do you think should be my last keeper? Thanks! WHIR
  10. And just in general.... Paddack is pitching well now, I'd sell high on him if I could, same with Adolis Garcia and Manoah after his debut. And maybe someone will still want Mercedes, I'd ship him off as well, if possible.
  11. Depends on what you wanna do, but if you wanna make a big push and try to go in for this year... maybe someone would overpay for Franco and give you a haul. But seeing as you're in last place, I wouldn't do that, I'd probably just wait it out and hope he's a keeper for you for the long haul. Maybe your group can turn it around in the next couple of weeks, but I'd be doing my homework on what top 5-10 players could be available in a trade (if any). Then I'd probably be cashing out on this season and trying to build for 2022.
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