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  1. I'd go matt ryan with all his receivers coming back. Mind helping on mine?
  2. Full point PPR choose 2 RB Joe mixon Damien harris Chuba hubbard Cordarrelle patterson I need the most upside as im facing king henry and opponent had D'earnest Johnson. I'm I crazy for thinking of starting Harris and Patterson?
  3. The order I would start them is andrews>powell>penny>anderson>fuller Andrews is the safest but Powell could be a good start since one of bell's better games was against the fins and he should be involved. Penny anderson and fuller could have good games buy I don't trust any of them. Thanks for the help on mine Good luck
  4. Who would you start this week full PPR? RB- Sony, Snell or powell WR- deebo, pascal WHIR
  5. Full ppr Flex L Mccoy, S Michel or Ty johnson? TE Olsen, Hockenson, or drop one of them for Josh hill?
  6. Think i would play it safe and go sanders since he should have a role. I wouldnt start mclaurin Ne defense is to good and Colt McCoy is starting. And tate could have a good game since ross is out but i think i would just play it safe Thanks for the help
  7. I think I would trade you have enough depth at rb with coleman and singletary Thanks for the help
  8. Lost D Adams and T williams. Need to fill my wr2 slot options are Mecole hardman Will fuller Geronimo allison Curtis Samuel Auden tate I leaning mecole or fuller for heigher ceilings Who should i start WHIR
  9. Since losing devante admas i can't figure out who i should start as wr2. Bench: Tyrell Williams, Mecole hardman FA: Curtis Samuel Will fuller Jamison crowder Geronimo Allison Who would you start out of these guys? If it one on the FA who should i drop for them team is in signature? WHIR
  10. I would play allen although it's a tough matchup just hope he can find a way to run one in. If you dont feel confident playing him i would go with keenum since he plays the Giants who have a bad defense. Thanks for the help on mine good luck
  11. I would go with brissett this week and would drop Samuels for penny. Mind helping?
  12. I would go with josh gordon even with a bad matchup. We dont know if the splits will be the same this week with shady and darrel since shady seems healthier. Thanks for help on mine
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