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  1. PPR league. CMC injury scares me as does Deebo’s history. I’m usually guided by the best player in the deal principle so a strong part of me feels I should have already pulled the trigger. Main roster components after trade would be: Mahomes (Lance) Keenan/Deebo (Shenault/Toney/Golladay/Fuller) CMC/Mixon/Henderson (Conner) Kelce WHIR, thanks!
  2. Never thought this would ever be in doubt. I have: Mahomes, rd 8, can be kept this year and next Ekeler, rd 7, can be kept for next three seasons I can only keep one, and I can get a decent haul for either player. Who would you keep? Relevant details: Full PPR, and other keepers are pretty set in stone (Jacobs/Ridley/McLaurin in rds 2/4/FA), and there are yardage bonuses at 100/150/200 for RBs and 300/400/500 for QB. I love the draft flexibility that Ekeler would give me (mid-round 1) and suspect that Mahomes could get me a better return, but it would hurt to lose those weeks that Mahomes wins all by himself. I’m sure I’ll be agonizing over this one for awhile.
  3. All I know is I’m holding Washington for that sweet sweet NYG/JAX/TEN finish, I hope with all three of those teams more or less playing out the string Could be available with a subpar matchup this week if you can swing the roster spot.
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