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  1. Missed my point entirely but okay. We've seen one game of the regular season and two preseason games with the new Big 3, did it look bad for Russ yes, but it's way too early at least see the team fully healthy play.
  2. Kemba was drafted in the late 7th-8th round in most drafts. At that ADP even if he misses 20 games, he should outrank that draft spot. Year in year out, I wait for people to draft the over-hyped rookie pgs early as I sit back and pick up my value veteran pgs. (Conley (late 7th-8th), Kemba(7th-8th), Lowry (dropped to late 5th- early 6th), RJax late 9th-10th)
  3. Bucks were up double digits when it happened, Jrue has played many minutes last season/playoffs/Olympics. I think Bud and the Bucks were just being extra cautious in the season opener.
  4. LBJ, AD, Westbrook only played in 2 preseason games together. We haven't even seen the full team healthy once yet (Nunn, Ariza, Ellington were out) Even the Miami big 3 struggled at the start of their first season 8-7 record with a prime LeBron, Bosh, Wade.
  5. Yeah I agree, like I said before it's gonna come down to his average attempts. If he averages 8+ free throws he'll be closer to 80%, if he averages below 6 (5.9 last season), it'll be like last season.
  6. Yeah it's gonna take some time, they barely had time to play together in a game setting. (2 preseason games) I think we're gonna see more staggering of minutes between the Big 3. I still think a small ball lineup will help Westbrook more to surround him with more shooters and a driving lane, maybe we see more AD at the 5 when Ariza returns from injury.
  7. 1 three 33 points/ 11 boards/ 2 assists / 1 steal / 2 blocks 0 TOs on 57.7% fg minus the 2/7 FTs is as good as it gets for game 1 of the season for AD.
  8. Damn It sure does look ugly though for the first game
  9. Bjelica > Looney, small ball lineup makes GS so much better with another playmaker and capable shooter from deep at the 5.
  10. Melo just pump-faked 20k people at the free throw line lol
  11. He has attempted 12 shots 1 less than Curry with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. He's gonna provide points and 3s in bunches with little sprinkles of other stats.
  12. Loving the usage so far in the first half of game 1 of the regular season.
  13. There's a difference between preseason competition/defense and reg season.
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