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  1. Haha I think he’s my next victim too. Avoid at all costs!
  2. I actually swapped Dimes out last second for the Stream of the Week! Taylor Heinicke, who disappointed immensely against the last ranked Chiefs pass D. 9.2 points, just a **** hair above my season average. So in this case, Dimes’ crater job was of the non-supernatural variety.
  3. It’s my fault. I’ve streamed QB’s all year averaging 8.2 points per week. Turned in Dimes for Heinicke 5 min before kickoff. Instant kiss of death.
  4. So Dillon is the 1st and 2nd down back now? At this rate Jones will be on the practice squad going into the BYE
  5. I’m actually trying to reverse the juju. I’m the reason he put up 4.9 points and getting concussed out of the game last week. I’ve yet to start the same guy consecutively this year so perhaps the back-to-back jinx will unfuk my QB slot.
  6. Word of caution… I’m firing up dimes this weekend. My QB position has combined for 40.4 points through 5 weeks. I am the QB kiss of death that the fantasy world has never seen.
  7. Opponents defend Chiefs with two high safety’s and reek does little. Chiefs are 0-3 They don’t and reek goes apeshit. Chiefs are 2-0 oversimplified I’m sure but I don’t see why every team doesn’t go two high safety’s against the chiefs the rest of the season. They can’t run, they don’t want to run. So there’s nothing to pull defenders back into the box. I think we’re gonna see far more of the pedestrian tyreek games going forward than anything else.
  8. Good news is now we know. Sermon’s a drop. Hold Mitchell if you got him and get Wilson if you can. Those are the two to watch shake out going forward.
  9. Jones is the RB2 on most of our rosters at this point.
  10. Foot went sideways. I’d guess he’s out a while.
  11. What would I have to throw in with Jones to acquire Dillon?
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