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  1. πŸ€πŸΏπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
  2. Why, hes useless when carson is around. He should be owned now tho, but is far from must roster status in normal circumstances.
  3. I doubt he is out that long he wasn't carted off. Probably misses 1 week 2 at the most.
  4. Guy is frustrating this year with herbert all over mike williams jock strap.
  5. Baker is just an average QB. Nothing elite he brings to the table for being undersized.
  6. This guy needs to return the favor and become a decoy to open up keenan
  7. As much as this guy will be open jones will take the easy dime throws for this yac.
  8. Toney was a little under the radar tho. If people are leaving toney on the wire currently without ir and holding wilson then hey, thats life lol.
  9. Bro Shepard can't hold a candle to the talent this dude has shown in 2 games plus college. There is no one on the team better, will he get 18 targets, nah, but 8-10 value touches is doable.
  10. If ur team is doing well and you want a nuclear option for the playoffs, why not... If u are hurting and need bodies well then you dont hold him with no IR.
  11. Lol, hes going to eat targets you know why? He gets open like crazy. Danny wont have to take too much risk to get him the ball.
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