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  1. Churning is bs. People like you are why transaction limits exist.
  2. From what I've read its pretty much the same thing TY Hilton had surgery on. Its always going to be a risk to flare up. If it doesn't respond to steroids you're pretty much in wait and see mode. So yeah, its definitely cause for alarm. Carson could be back next week or miss the next month. No one knows.
  3. Translation "Terry was like meh on practice today and since he's our best player we said you do you". Everyone calm your tits.
  4. Hurts just passed for 115 yards against the defense that gives up the most passing yards in the league. I want no part of anything in Philly.
  5. If you're complaining about his usage, or his rankings, or any other sort of myopic nonsense then I don't know what to tell you other than stop overthinking things and just put him in your lineup. Whether you knew this would happen all along or just lucked into owning this dude, this is what an actual league winner looks like. Embrace it and enjoy the ride.
  6. A player you should be looking to trade next week while the hype is at its apex.
  7. I honestly never considered it a real possibility even if it was allowed. Seems silly to just throw a guy out there with no knowledge of the playbook. He might not play next week or have limited usage until he gets acclimated.
  8. Probably not a rule against it, but incredibly unlikely.
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