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  1. Because of week 7 byes, I was planning on starting Michael Thomas and Toney. Both are not likely to be available so unless I can make a trade, I may be forced to start Aiyuk and Bateman. Can't trust Aiyuk and it's hard to trust a rookie playing in his 2nd game (although he did look good)
  2. I thought about this but, I have a hard time thinking that Ballage will productive behind this OL if Najee gets hurt.
  3. No, I was just trying to make sense of the decrease in snap count. If you read my next post, I acknowledged that I forgot he left the game briefly for an injury and the ejection.
  4. Ah, good point. I forgot about the ejection.
  5. On the one hand, this makes what he did last week even more impressive. On the other hand, his snap count was down compared to the previous 2 weeks and with Shepard and Slayton out.
  6. It takes time for rookie WR's to get adjusted to the NFL. It also takes the coaching staff and QB time to get familiar with a rookie. Jones and Shepard have previous history. These factors no doubt contributed to Toney's initial limited usage compared to Shepard. But now Toney's skills and talent cannot be ignored. His talent and ceiling is far above Shepard.
  7. He got at least one end zone target last game. He didn't get a chance to make the catch as the defender should have drawn a PI.
  8. Wilson by far. Sermon only got 1 carry last week with Mitchell back.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if the did happen.
  10. Jerry Jeudy, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rashaad Penney
  11. I have been. Honestly, in his first couple games, I wasn't too impressed with Mitchell and I thought the backfield would be Wilson's when he returns. But, this last game, I came away really impressed with Mitchell. He looked really good. They should have kept going to him. I'm not so sure Wilson will automatically take over once he returns. I'm contemplating dropping Wilson with some reports that he may not return until mid November.
  12. The problem is that we've seen Aiyuk's usage with Jimmy G in 4 prior weeks and it's been the same lousy results.
  13. If he is active the first week he's available, week 7, then I will probably be forced to start him as I have several players on bye that week.
  14. 14 team competitive league and I snagged him at the top of the 13th round. His value had dropped so low that my leaguemates forgot about him. So, it is a no brainer for me to draft and hold him at that cost. We only have IR for players that get COVID. And I'm been holding him because there is by far, no better option out there that has his potential ceiling. Even if he doesn't perform to the level he did in the past, he still has the talent and situation to give a nice ROI. I get it if you have a short bench, or have a roster crisis and cannot hold.
  15. Has there been any update on his status?
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