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  1. Dropped waddle for Ron dale moore last week, so I get it
  2. I think next year is when we use undroppable for this guy. That being said, still a serviceable streamer during the bye weeks if you need him
  3. Ppr he can only go up. Some big play and TD regression based on his target share seems inevitable. Ryan could hold him back from WR1 finish, but he’s at worst an every week ppr starter with a super high floor and weekly boom potential
  4. Also noteworthy is that bolden was hardly used. They know Stevenson has skills, even if raw, and he seemed to stake some claim to that james white role. Pass protection will likely be key, but the dude has comparable physical specs to Derrick Henry and is compared to Ricky Williams by some predraft analysts. Definitely worth a stash, but I wouldn’t start unless Harris is out. Was also graded higher as a prospect than chuba Hubbard, for whatever that’s worth.
  5. Yeah not so sure. Stress fractures worsen without rest, so constantly playing on it is going to eventually make it more problematic, if not result in a full blown fracture. It would be wise to rest him until it completely heals at this point
  6. He’s back, so looks like whatever it was was just for week 5 before their bye week. He’s back with the team now and all signs point to resuming his normal role this week in a nice matchup
  7. 66% of snaps in his first ever pro game. Tied with Andrews for most targets. A lot to like here. Watkins return complicates it a lil, but Watkins is always injured, so….
  8. Looks like all 4 catches went for first downs. Nice moves after the catch. Upside here for sure
  9. Darnold is a concern, but that target share is wr1 all day
  10. Guess I shoulda gone with Damian Harris? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Hurts haircut should be worth some bonus fantasy points
  12. Yeah uhhh, I mean it worked, but what the hell strategy is that?
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