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  1. At 20, Wander hit 14 HR in 488 PA between AA and MLB. For comparison's sake: At 20, Lindor hit 11 HR in 567 PA between AA/AAA. He had 3 straight 30+ HR seasons from ages 23-25. At 20, Albies hit 15 HR in 692 PA between AAA/MLB. He hit 24 HR at age 21 and 22, and just hit 30 at 24. At 20, Bichette hit 11 HR in 595 PA in AA. He just hit 29 HR at age 23. I definitely see some 30+ HR seasons for Wander in the near future. Does it happen next year? I dunno. That's the million-dollar question we can debate all winter.
  2. I think Nola could be good value next year, but not early 4th round as SP11. You can get guys of similar ability who didn't have a 4.63 ERA this year at that spot. I'd love him in the 6th round though.
  3. Pete Alonso in the 9th round would be great value. He hit 37 HR and cut his K rate below 20%, slashing 262/344/519. What killed him was his teammates' failures - Lindor, Conforto, McNeil, Dom Smith all sucked and that hurt his R/RBI. If some or all of those guys bounce back, Alonso will benefit big time.
  4. Castillo was 9th starter off the board. Snake draft, note the arrows at the start of each round. Still too high, but less crazy.
  5. Seems like the lesson here should be DON'T make rash decisions based on rage. Williams is an elite setup man on track to be an elite closer within a couple years, and his hand will be healed long before next season starts. This doesn't change his long-term value at all.
  6. Headed to Durham for a rehab assignment, won't be back until Friday. Unfortunately a sit for anyone in weekly leagues.
  7. Tapia isn't being jerked around. He's a well-below-average hitter with a 76 wRC+. His profile is typical 4th OF and any team who gives him playing time beyond that is being generous.
  8. Activated from the IL today. That's the good news. The bad news is he went 0-for-5 in his rehab assignment, and the Reds are scheduled to face Buehler, Scherzer and Kershaw this weekend. Probably no need to rush him into your lineup, and I'm guessing he'll sit the Sunday game vs. an elite lefty.
  9. Man, this got ugly fast. Slashing 200/254/218 in September, and all advanced defensive metrics suggest he's an absolutely terrible 3B. I've been super patient with this guy in dynasty but I'm running out reasons to keep holding out hope.
  10. I think he has a decent chance to stick at 3B, but he's athletic enough that corner OF could also be an option. The bat should play anywhere though.
  11. I think the substance crackdown gets blamed for a lot of what is just variance. Pitchers go through big ups and downs all the time. Woodruff was due for some regression but has still been pretty good. Darvish's K/BB has been about the same since the crackdown but his HR/FB has gone through the roof. Could those things be sticky-stuff related? Sure, but it's hard to say that conclusively. Karinchak, though... pretty safe to say the ban broke him. You don't go from arguably the best reliever in baseball to not even MLB-caliber just because of variance. What a disaster he's been.
  12. Yep, I suspect the Marlins will be throwing some money around in free agency this offseason, and they can also deal from their pitching depth if they really need to. That offense will only get better.
  13. Edman has more upside than people realize. He looks the part of a speedy little contact-oriented leadoff hitter, but his max exit velocity this season is 112.9, good for 88th percentile in MLB. There's some power potential go with the steals and contact skills, and he's only 26. What he did his rookie year - .304/.350/.500 with 11 HR and 15 SB in only 92 games - seemed like a fluke at the time, but I think he has the ability to get back to that.
  14. He’s only played 56 MLB games, 217 career PA. And he’s definitely shown something… 15-for-15 on SB, 99th percentile sprint speed. Producing at a 15-HR, 40 SB pace for a full season.
  15. Devin Williams just ruined his 21-inning scoreless streak in spectacular fashion. Oof.
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