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  1. Nope - I just want my positive TD regression 😭
  2. It looks like he drew coverage from NE's best corner - he definitely has better days ahead. I must say Lamb is utilized in a variety of ways and is much more dynamic
  3. I think we may see a receiver roulette situation where Coop has a bigger game than Lamb and vice versa but Lamb seems to have the higher ceiling and lower floor
  4. Your optimism keep Your optimism gives me hope Yup - we'll just have to see how this shakes out
  5. Well boys if Hopkins plays this week we should be good Now with Ertz in town it gets a bit more muddy - it's been a good ride with Hopkins 😭
  6. I would drop Latavius for Thomas - he's getting closer to returning and should post great numbers once he gets into the swing of things. If you could help me out below that would be awesome
  7. I wouldn't pursue either trade - you are losing a ton of depth and not getting much back in return. If you could help me out below that would be phenomenal:
  8. That is an easy accept for me - CEH is injured and who knows how long they will keep him out for even if he is on IR and Wilson may not even come back in time. You get a Qb1 and TE1 in return - no brainer for me, press accept! If you could help me out below, that would be great:
  9. I would do Sam Darnold (CMC should be back as well) but Matt Ryan is a fine stream as well against Miami If you could help me out below that would be much appreciated
  10. I would start either Kadarius Toney given his insane start to the season so far or Rondale Moore. Keep any eye on Deandre Hopkins status since he has been listed out with an illness so if he doesn't end up playing, Moore's upside should increase. If you find that Hopkins will not play on Sunday then I would plug in Moore instead. If you could help me provide some insight below, that would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hockenson easily - Tim Patrick will practically be useless once Jeudy comes back in a week or two whereas Hockenson is the focal point of that offense along with Swift (although not a very good offense). Like they say, follow the volume! Hockenson will get great volume which will lead to more opportunities If you could provide some feedback on the below that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I would not do that - you are losing depth at the most important position Instead, may I suggest seeing if you can trade James Robinson for a mid round WR (maybe like Robert Woods) depending if that team need RB depth If you could provide insight below, that would be appreciated
  13. I wouldn't do that - we don't know if CEH is going to be full go when he come back. I have a sneaking suspicion they might hold him out through the bye and utilize Darrell Williams so this trade would be a pass for me If you could provide any insight on the below - that would be fantastic
  14. I actually like that trade a lot - the trio you are getting is much more balanced and the skill positions have bigger upside especially with AJ Brown > Emmanuel Sanders (have a feeling Brown will blow up this week). I would take it or offer it if seriously considering it. If you could help provide some feedback below that would be phenomenal:
  15. I like that trade - typically there are trades that benefit one party than the other but this trade benefits both parties with everyone winning and I think you can afford to give up the depth. Adding Mixon would help a lot for your team and you know he's a bell cow when healthy - would accept or offer it. If you could provide feedback on the below that would be very appreciated:
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