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  1. How could you have confidence starting him when hes constantly in and out of games and could be shut down at any moment
  2. Ok well, i just thought Tannehill wasn't that good. I would watch games and think hes was getting lucky and more a product of the system. Getting all his yards on pas and relying on his receivers yac yards. Kinda similar to a goff. I usually avoid receivers with qbs like this
  3. One good year. Tanny is a journeymen. He cant sustaine wrs
  4. It doesn't matter how good aj plays. Tanny cant sustaine receivers. Tanny is like goff so i avoided Tennessee outside of Henry
  5. No, because of the reasons i already said. And good it was a good thing i didn't take him because as predicted he turned into colossal bust
  6. Ya i would never take any wr on the titans because they're run first and their qb sucks
  7. Imagine being surprised that a wr on the titans isnt producing
  8. That Seattle offense was painful to watch. The only thing that even makes me consider starting him next week is that they play at home. Although im probably gonna sit him for aj green of all people
  9. Did you see the td? He just walked it in. He didn't have to do anything at all
  10. I mean even goff managed to coast his way to a superbowl appearance. But i get ya
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