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  1. Shutting him down for two weeks won’t do anything, which is why he’s playing this week lol. We know this, the point has been made 100 times already. He’s either out for the year or playing, and we know he’s not on IR. They’ve already stated he’s just going to deal with the injury all year. He came out past week then came back in the game and finished it off. It’s not like he got hurt and was ruled out. He’s going to be limited all week and then play, same as what he’s been doing all year. Whether he survives is another question, but he’s going to play.
  2. He’s not out lol. They’ve already said what the deal is, he’s playing this week.
  3. Nobody is gonna trade for Mack. He’s a worthless NFL player given his injury and position. He’s stuck in Indi this year.
  4. He’s not going to miss any time. They’ve already said there’s nothing they can do to make it heal this season, it’s just a pain management thing. He came back into the game this week and will play next week.
  5. Would have likely been a 15+ target, 10+ reception, 150-250 yard game. Elite WR, rest up and come back strong for the 2nd half young prince.
  6. Both great but he’s going to be a ppr monster.
  7. Sterling Shepard is in his 6th NFL season and has only hit 800 yards once. He is not and never will be more than an ancillary piece in an offense. He’s not not slowing down a potential Toney breakout, he’s irrelevant. Golladay had higher highs than Shepard but he hasn’t done anything in two years and his on field play recently has been pathetic, he’s also irrelevant. Toney was Jones’/Glennon’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd read. He is the clear cut top WR target in that offense, even when all return. Half of the passing playbook from the past two games were plays specifically designed to get Toney the ball in favorable positions. That’s not going to change now that the genie is out of the bottle, the passing offense is entirely built around him.
  8. Golladay is a** anyways man. Did you watch the last two games? Golladay was irrelevent, he was wearing his defender like a t-shirt while Toney was the first read on nearly every pass play. Golladay is nowhere near the talent of Toney, his return will have no impact.
  9. He said he’s fine and good to go for this week after the game. The x-ray showed nothing.
  10. Ah my mistake. I forgot Mobile, Alabama is a bustling multicultural metropolis that is flourishing in economic prosperity and is on the cutting edge of the world’s technological and cultural advancements. 🙄 Get over yourself dude.
  11. Yes, it is clear lol. Checks notes: Kadarius Toney went to Mattie Thomas Blount High School in Eight Mile, Alabama. A town with a median household income of $35k, $8k below the state median. There is this thing called accents. People who come from certain places have them. People from New York have them, people from, England have them, and people from Mobile, Alabama have them. It’s clear Toney didn’t come from money, but he’s not dumb. As evidenced by my original post above.
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