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  1. MLB needs to do away with the shift, it’s hurt baseball as a whole. Players have figured out the best way to beat the shift is with Launch angle and HRs. Batting averages and strikeouts be damn’d!
  2. I agree, but I feel the Angels did him dirty. Why not let him finish the year, his contract is up at the end of the season. I think he deserves more respect than an early release.
  3. So is Lou Trevino done in Oakland?
  4. Ballage is killing Ekelers value. Ekeler could’ve had 2 TDs tonight.
  5. Tannehill would probably give Brown more looks if he didn’t drop 2-3 passes every single game. Trust is everything with a QB and the trust is there with Davis and the results show this.
  6. At this point going forward is Claypool the preferred WR over injury prone Diontae Johnson?
  7. You guys have me hyped, I’m thinking about dropping Kerryon for this dude.
  8. I’m really conflicted this week. Any advice is welcomed, thank you!
  9. I wouldn’t trade Kamara for Bell. I don’t know any owners that would at this point.
  10. Owners wanted to bail on Melvin Gordon after last weeks performance too...just sayin’
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