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  1. Hoping this is just precautionary on the first day...heel contusion doesn't sound awful but maybe they're playing it safe probably wishful thinking on my part
  2. I used this strategy last year and won my league. It's very risky and a key injury or two can absolutely derail your season. Similarly, since you're trying to win 5-4 every week, you can easily miss the playoffs altogether. And as @YouSnoozeYouLose mentioned above, you're punting the other 4 categories so hard that if you start off with too many turnovers (say your top steals guys get too many TO's), your opponent can just bench their guys and play *just enough* players to keep an easy lead on the 4 categories you're punting, while they monitor turnovers. This actually happened to me in my finals last year and I had to pay close attention to who my opponent was playing and/or benching every game just to know how the matchup projections would shake out. It was pretty stressful, lol. And typically there is always a guard heavy team who's good at points, 3pm, FT%, and gets like 60+ steals a week. If your team faces them in the playoffs and has a bad steals week, that's all it takes to end your season. Punting 4 cats and trying to win FG%, rebs, stl, blk, t/o's every week is risky, but it's a lot of fun for me because I love defensive minded players. I told myself I'd buy a Thybulle jersey if I won last year. Part of the fun is that if you throw a guy like Thybulle or Noel on someone else's roster a year or two ago, he would do absolutely nothing for most teams in your league. Winning with those kinds of guys is a lot of fun for me. I'm doing the same strategy this year and am excited to see how things shake out.
  3. Dobbins, Mostert, Chubb, Hunt, AJ Brown, Toney. Yet despite that, I've clawed my way to 6th out of 12 in points scored. There are 5-1, 4-2, and 3-3 teams with way less points than me on the season. I'm 0-6. I have BY FAR the most points scored against me on the season. To top it off, people that are 5-1, 4-2, 3-3 keep sending me insulting trade offers, probably seeing that I'm 0-5, 0-6 and assuming I dont know what I'm doing. My team is objectively better than theirs on paper, and it's not even close. In-game injuries have screwed me seemingly every week, and I've had the second highest score of the week multiple times...and played vs the top scorer that week. I score 110, my opponent scores 112. While other matchups are 82-77. I score 145, I lose. I score 125, I lose.
  4. I did the exact same thing, played Heinicke over Cousins, and its probably going to cost me my matchup. Well, that and Toney leaving the game after the first drive of the game + not having Chubb. It was looking like a potentially great week before Friday. Not even mad at this point, just disappointed
  5. If this was a 6-8 week injury I dont know why they waited til Friday to rule him out for this week's game. Could be gamesmanship, or hope, or doing their homework, but it was odd to me how there werent really any swirling reports that he was seriously in danger of missing any time at all until he missed Friday's practice. Seems like such a 0-100 development.
  6. I think that is a part of it, but I think moreso it's just the fact that Evans, AB, and Godwin are all a "problem", respectively, for their defensive matchups. Teams have to choose how to defend the Bucs offense. Brady will pick apart a defense based on what's given to him. For example, tonight Darius Slay was following Evans for most of the game from what I read. Evans had a quieter game, Godwin had a quiet game though not as quiet as Evans, and AB had a great game and was targeted the most. AB is too good to be lined up with a team's second best or third best corner. Combine AB's skill with the fact that Brady is throwing him the ball AND the fact that Brown is benefiting from having two other very competent WR's on the field with him drawing coverage, and it's unfair. Brady can pick apart a defense regardless of his weapons, and there are also certainly times where he can choose where to throw even if that particular target wasnt the "most" open on a given play. There are also certainly times where Brady sees a matchup at the line of scrimmage and knows where hes going before the ball is snapped. But I do think that Brady also often times is simply willing to scan the field and take what a defense gives him. And it's no coincidence that often times that ends up being AB with separation on the other team's second best or third best corner. It's a mismatch that they'll be exploiting all season. And its made possible not only because of how good AB and Brady are individually, but the fact that Evans is good enough to be a major problem for most team's CB1, and Godwin is a problem wherever he lines up, too. Totally agree with what you said, but I just wanted to say that regardless of Brady's actual approach/process, I'm sure defenses are NOT having fun preparing for this offense. Brady is certainly capable and willing of simply taking what he sees, and AB is just winning what seems like every time against the opponent's 2nd/3rd best CB. A motivated AB against a team's lesser corner with a QB who can get him the ball is a scary thing. Add Mike Evans, Godwin, and Gronk to the field and I'd be willing to bet that Brady can just scan the field and take what he sees. I wouldnt put it past him though, and I've seen it myself, where Brady seemingly knows where hes going with the ball before the ball is snapped. As you said, there probably is a plan/element to keep everyone happy, but I also think defenses are trying new things to stop this offense and Brady is perfectly capable of simply picking apart each scheme and throwing to whoever is open or who won their matchup.
  7. Hoping that this is more maintenance than anything else, to keep both Chubb and Hunt fresh before their game vs the 5-0 Cardinals and the quick turnaround for their Thursday night game against Denver next week.
  8. Came in to this thread as a non Diggs owner on my lunch break, not expecting to catch strays as an AJ Brown owner. Ouch!!
  9. I bring this up to myself internally all the time. If I were to calculate how much money I make per hour playing/researching/reading about fantasy football, it would probably be less than a dollar an hour. Certainly not worth it for the money aspect, but the emotions of competing and the bragging rights with your friends are pretty fun. But damn, I cannot stand bad luck, and losing isn't fun! When I was younger I didn't mind spending so much time on this as a hobby as winning a few hundred or a grand was a decent chunk of change. Nowadays, winning that kind of money isnt quite as important for most of us compared to the bragging rights and pleasure from seeing your team do well. That is, unless you're in big money leagues. But it is a struggle to not spend so much time on it when you're a competitive person. Then having a losing year or really bad luck can get you in a bad mood. I'm extremely competitive by nature and I've haggled with myself over whether it's worth it to keep playing FF, and I always come back to it being a way to keep in touch with friends and such. Sorry for the off topic. But I do think Kadarius Toney has shown to be too special to ignore. He will certainly garner more looks and I'd be surprised if the coaching staff doesn't find more ways to give him opportunities.
  10. I'll be honest, I was so fixated on the #11 standing in the background that i didnt notice #11 was also doing the drill. Lmao! The #11 with white sleeves is indeed AJ Brown. I stand corrected. And gladly so. He looks great doing that drill! Certainly good news for all AJB owners. My apologies gentlemen, I just noticed the big #11 in the background and was thinking to myself, "AJB is #11. This vid and tweet are kinda misleading!" Don't get me wrong, I'm an AJB owner as well. I just have a naturally pessimistic view on life and assumed the #11 in the back was AJ since I didnt see that there were two #11's. Carry on. AJ is looking good though. Glad I could stir up the forums this morning. Who needs coffee?
  11. Thanks for the vid. I guess the vid implies that AJ Brown participated in that drill. Reason I say that is because the guy doing the drill in the video is #1. AJB is #11 and is standing in the background waiting in line. Just wanted to post that in case it helps anyone, since I think itd be easy to mistake the guy doing the drill for AJB due to the way the tweet is written
  12. I'm confused how all the verified folks on twitter reported him as a participant in practice and yet the Bucs official report says he's a DNP. Definitely seems like a serious injury, but I wouldn't doubt if some of this is gamesmanship either
  13. Anyone know what's up with the Colts D? Looked like a lot of guys were out of practice yesterday, waiting for today's practice report But curious if this is a squad worth streaming this week / ROS outlook
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