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  1. LOL..still waiting to break 70 with knox and cole beasley who my opponent play just to add insult to injury scores
  2. The time being meaning....3 hours from now LOL...you've said this before and then you end up being the one to bump this thread
  3. Except you AREN'T enjoying it..you sit here week after week complaining no matter what the production is..that's all you do here good game or subpar game and it's annoying as hell..it will never be enough for you..guy won you two leagues this week and you STILL complain
  4. Right now my tentative lineup for week 7 is QB-Wentz (Herbert is on bye, gonna try to get Tua bc I need upside) WR- Davonta Smith WR-DeAndre Hopkins WR-? (Depends on if Ridley comes back..if not no clue..Toney's hurt and I doubt he comes back this week and Justin Jefferson is on bye) RB-Javonte Williams RB-Devontae Booker TE-Rickey Seals-Jones (Knox on bye) Flex-Eli Mitchell Hunt, Barkley hurt..Herbert Knox Jefferson on Bye..Ridley have no clue This screams 70-80 pt again even if Ridley comes back.
  5. This year..he'll aggregavte an ankle injury and be out indefinitely
  6. I'm not getting a WR1 value for him so instead of continuing moaning and complaining about him I'll take what he's given me so far 6 weeks into the season.
  7. This fantasy season is already rendered pointless..didn't even make it to Halloween..just all in all one of the worst seasons I've ever had...this week put the nail in my coffin..not only the loss..but the injuries and every single team in my league this week is gonna minimum outscore me by 25-30 pts so im gonna fall to the bottom of points on top of everything. I stand zero chance to win next with a glut of byes/injuries
  8. Im just not gonna moan about..i'll take what he has given me so far...i'd rather keep than sell no matter what you say.
  9. Like clockwork you run to this thread to be all negative
  10. I can't wait until you belittle another good Hopkins game
  11. When points matter due to tie breakers..its just SUPER deflating when your entire team just does nothing...herbert..davonta smith..jefferson..toney getting hurt..ill be lucky to break 80 this week
  12. Love Kupp with a meaningless real life td in a blowout just to stick to me even more...just getting absolutely destroyed..vikings drive and not one jefferson target..all just laughable
  13. Of course Herbert isnt do anything against the Ravens after smashing the Browns
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