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  1. Can’t wait til Eli and Peyton are back. These announcers are horrible.
  2. So apparently Diggs hurt his knee on that int. I’m out. Wth.
  3. Still need 2.3 lol. So hopefully a catch for 20 yards, and then maybe it’s Knox and Sanders the rest of the night:) Should mention I was down by 16.3, needed 10.5 at that point in the game.
  4. I need 10.5 ppr points from Diggs. That TD would’ve been nice:(
  5. Happy the Raiders won, but never again on a TE this high(unless it’s Kelce). Consistently stuck on his floor since week 2. Season low 5 targets, though he caught them all. I guess that’s something to be happy about….
  6. Personally I’d drop Murray. Have Mitchell back next week to start, and Mattison is a home run if anything happens to Cook. Murray will never be a home run under any circumstance imo.
  7. Seem to be set on CMac, can’t imagine they’d be cool with Carson. Currently 3-2 and have an outside chance to go to 4-2 this week. If that happens, I may stay put. If I lose, I may have to pull the trigger, have the number 1 and 2 highest scorers next two weeks.
  8. Hoping for a Raiders win, but wouldn’t be too mad with some more Waller points.
  9. Currently have CMac, Carson, Saquon, and Montgomery injured. My healthy Rbs are currently Herbert and Dillon. Hate to lose CMac, but as you can tell I’m pretty desperate at RB. Should I pull the trigger or stay put? Appreciate any help.
  10. Traded for CMac, gets injured. Get Montgomery in a trade the next week, he’s out. Carson goes down to a neck injury, and then Saquon rolls his ankle. I’ve never had this much bad luck with injuries to one position. My only team btw. Guess I’ll go do some fanduel.
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