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  1. I’m holding tight. Partly because I acquired him via trade and not willing to cut my losses and the guy who traded him to me is an a**hole and I’d never hear the end of it. On a serious note he is head and shoulders above any WW fodder you’ll find. Target share isn’t immense but him and Josh have chemistry and his targets were quality looks and red zone targets. He’s athletic enough to get open when Allen gets out of the pocket and extends plays. Agreed his TD pace was unsustainable but he’s still a top 6 TE in my opinion. I don’t see him losing his role whatsoever just because he’s been on the shelf a few weeks. He’s their guy.
  2. Bell looks like he’s running in wet concrete. Unbearably slow. They’ll split work but I’ll take Freeman for any ounce of upside this backfield has.
  3. I think Stefanski is a smart coach who obviously values the run game. He’s not gonna outright abandon it. I’d say DJ is a lock for at least 12 touches. And that’s on the conservative side. I could see 15-20 easily. This should be a knock em down drag em out kind of game. 17-14 type of final score. I hear ya man. I was on the verge of starting Jaret Patterson if Gibson missed this week. Now I’m looking at D Freeman if Latavius misses. Not great.
  4. This dude is looking at some volume tonight. That’s all you can ask for from a RB. Just gotta hope he produces with his touches. But at least you’re setting yourself up for success. Otherwise you’re completely guessing and banking on certain game scripts. Ingram is the only other RB you mentioned that has a role carved out but on the worst team in the league. Book him for 12 carries 40 yards. Mcnichols is a bad play and bolden is way too unpredictable with a floor of 0. Just giving my two cents because I’ve been in this situation and made the wrong move. I.e. starting gainwell last week trying to predict a negative game script for the Eagles and watching in horror as Collins went for 17 on my bench which cost me the week.
  5. I’m in here lurking since my opponent dropped a fat wad to pick him up and start him tonight. Mostly just mentally prepping myself for this dude to drop at least 80 and a TD tonight
  6. Love the talent. Loved it in college and the ravens clearly love it as involved as he was first week back. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.. almost want him to stay quiet this week so I can pick him up after his bye since I don’t have any room right now.
  7. Love this guy as a big RZ target. Will keep an eye out and if RSJ can’t go for whatever reason then it’s Mo time. Already have Pittman in my lineup and not trying to start two Colts pass catchers if I don’t have to. But like his TD potential
  8. think both Rams RBs could be good plays since that game could get ugly pretty quick. Darrell obviously had the upside. But I digress. Best case scenario: Patterson comes out and looks explosive, helping WFT establish the run and compete with the packers. Gets 15-20 carries and falls into the end zone with a few receptions sprinkled in and we look like geniuses. I’m pretty sure Gibson has been playing through an injury (I read somewhere a stress fracture in his shin which sounds incredibly uncomfortable) and it’s hampered his abilities and this offense. A fresh, healthy Patterson comes out and looks explosive and ignites the offense. Ron is smart and knows how important establish the running game is. Worst case scenario: WFT continues to look incompetent and get their doors blown off and Patterson is rendered relatively worthless while JD is featured in their hurry up offense.
  9. Agreed JP should step into the Gibson role and JD will maintain his role. When Gibson went down last week WFT was already in catch up mode which features JD. That’s my concern for this weekend. I could see JP on the field first and receiving some carries but if they can’t maintain drives and the game gets out of hand then we’re looking at a floor game for JP which could be 2-4 points
  10. Been doing alright since I dropped Sanders after week 2. Went McPherson last week for 11 points. Going Folk this week who has been money and they’re playing the Jets at home so there should be opportunities.
  11. Can’t predict injuries. He’s been a weapon on a high powered offense. Just hope he can hit his stride again once he’s back.
  12. Need a second RB especially if Collins is trending down and why not this guy? Seems off the radar but he now has a role. Admittedly I didn’t know much about him but you guys convinced to watch some film and he’s officially on the roster. Only concern is game script vs GB. WFT is sitting at 10 points dogs and if they’re down early then we’re looking at a JD game. Hopefully Ron wants to come out and play physical football with this dude and establish the run. They looked really bad against the Chiefs though.
  13. Just traded for him too of course. Good lord man. Still holding onto him as a playmaking TE. Hopefully it’s a short stint
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